Amazing Wedding Jewelry for Half the Price

Amazing Wedding Jewelry for Half the Price

Wedding Jewelry for Half the Price

We all want to look stunning on the day of our wedding, but sometimes the jewelry to complete our look can be quite pricey. What if we told you there is a way to own jewelry essentials for your wedding for half the price. Here is the guide to saving money on wedding jewelry!

1. Borrow it! 

A lot of people don’t realize that you can borrow or rent jewelry even if you aren’t a celebrity! The likelihood of you re-wearing your wedding jewelry are slim to none. Sometimes it is just more economic to rent or borrow rather than own! Check out some local estate jewelers because they might have some hidden sparklers for you to wear!

2. Cubic Zirconia Jewelry

As we all know diamond jewelry is one of the most expensive items in the world. Diamonds are so unique and rare that they average from $200 to $2 Million! If you are the type of bride that wants very dramatic jewels we say go with the cubic zirconia stone! From a distance it looks EXACTLY like a diamond and has even better color and clarity than most real diamonds!

3. Gemstones, Gemstones, Gemstones

An inexpensive option for jewelry is gemstones! Although some gemstones are higher priced, there is a variety of semi-precious inexpensive gemstones to choose from! The great thing about gemstones is they come in almost every color! If you have a purple themed wedding an amethyst stone would make the perfect accent!

4. Go to a Thrift Store 

I know this sounds a little absurd, but sometimes thrift stores have hidden away beauties! There should be a section of your local thrift store with antique and vintage  pieces. One of the trending styles this year is vintage jewelry so if you can take a look and find something you will be one of the most fashion forward brides ever!

5. Settle on Being Naked

No its not what it sounds like! Instead of wearing a ton of jewels why not just wear no jewelry! Depending on the dress you wear this can be possible! Usually a bride wears a statement necklace with some drop earrings, but instead don’t wear a necklace and put on a simple pair of studs. People will only notice how gorgeous you look and how spectacular your dress is! We promise!

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