Are Vintage Engagement Rings And Wedding Rings In Style?

Vintage Engagement RingIf your love with that special someone is like something out of a romance novel from the past, you probably want to celebrate your love with a vintage style. Vintage rings are the latest trend in engagement rings, and there are many different styles to choose from. The following are three things to look for when shopping around for vintage engagement rings.

3 Ways to Identify Vintage Engagement Rings

  1. Look at the shape of the main stone. The stone, most likely a diamond, will often have a particular shape that identifies the decade or period it is from.
  2. Consider the design of the band as well. Vintage rings often emphasize the band as a harmonious part of the ring, and often it is considered just as significant as the main stone itself.
  3. Look to see if other types of stones are included in the ring. For instance, a vintage diamond engagement ring might also have several sapphires on it, or possibly a few rubies. These stones set it apart from the rest of the solitaire, white gold engagement rings that populate the market today.
1ct Round Cut, Diamond Engagement Ring, Vintage Platinum

1ct Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring in Vintage Platinum Setting

If you have been eyeing the vintage rings in the stores, and know that they are the perfect style for you, start dropping hints now. Your guy will be thrilled to have something to go off of when he goes ring shopping, and he will be thrilled to present you with the ring of your dreams when he proposes.

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