Are You the Falling in Love Type?

Are You the Falling in Love Type?

Test yourself and find out if it is true love for sure or if you just aren’t the type that is cut out for it. 

Is it true love for you?

1. Do you like watching tv?

a. Yes, but nothing new

b. No

c. I prefer to go out and socialize

d. No, I’d rather do something else

e. yes, I LOVE TV!


2. Would you marry for love or the money?

a. Money, its how I plan on supporting myself, duh.

b. Love or nothing

c. Money and some love

d. I’m not sure! ahh

e. Neither lol I am a strong independent person


3. Do you believe in love at first sight?

a. yeah I think so

b. possible, but I’m not the biggest believer yet

c. No, but there are good people out there

d. Total fantasy

e. Whats love?


4. Do you want to grow old with someone?

a. Yes, and I will

b. Hopefully – Maybe!!

c. I could, but at the rate I’m going I doubt it

d. No ew, old grossss

e. No way, I don’t even need to think twice about that one


5. Do you want to sleep in the same bedroom?

a. Yes

b. Yeah I don’t see why you wouldn’t

c. Yes you’re supposed to

d. no he snores



6. Do you do anything from Valentines Day?

a. It really doesn’t matter

b. Not always, sometimes

c. We do dinner, with a lot of wine

d. No dinner not anything. It is such an overrated holiday.


7. Where would you have your first date dinner?

a. Bar and grill, love to drink!

b. Small, not too fancy of a place

c. Picnic maybe?

d. Chinese forsure

e. Very fancy, nice restaurant


8. Do you prefer fat, skinny, or tall?


b. tall is def preferred

c. fatness isn’t a deal breaker for me sorry.

d. Short or tall whatever I don’t care

e. Nothing matters


9. Dogs or Cat?

a. Cats fosho

b. dogs

c. either, or it doesn’t matter to me

d. both!

e. neither.


10. Favorite place in the world to go?

a. Africa

b. Somewhere I can grill and drink beer

c. camp in New England

d. A car dealership, I really need a new car

e. A tulip Farm <3


11. Shopper or Couch Potato?

a. Snacks, the couch and your favorite show, you can’t beat that!

b. Shopping

c. Sometimes couch potato, only if there are perks like a good rubbing!

d. Shop til I drop

e. Bring all my friends, pets and whoever and shop! Then couch potato for some rest


12. Your favorite dinner meal?

a. Beer and steak, maybe some wine after that ;)

b. I don’t eat…awkward

c. Chicken nuggets

d. Wendy’s, Burger King, McDonalds, ANY fast food

e. something super healthy


13. Young or old?

a. young

b. old

c. I don’t care, love is love

d. I don’t need a man

e. I never thought about it before


14. Do you like massages?

a. yes

b. no

c. never had one

d. only if its from my man or girlfriend

e. ew people shouldn’t touch others!


Mostly A’s
If you chose mostly A’s you are open to anything. You love love and want to make anything work! You’re all about the compromise and love the life you live. You will definitely find the right person without a problem! Congrats on being better at the love game than the rest of us! We see a bright future for you!
Mostly B’s
You have some pessimistic tendencies, but this isn’t a complete problem in relationships for you. You still believe in giving and taking, but you do have some prideful moments. Work on that and you should be fine!
Mostly C’s
There are some things you need to work out.  You want more than you can dish out. This isn’t what love is about! Shame on you! Make sure to give your partner exactly what you want to happen to you. There are some things that don’t matter to you, but don’t brush it off and move on just make sure this laid back personality doesn’t cause a good thing to end! Just remember to give a bit more!
Mostly D’s
You are way too laid back! You are not putting enough energy out there to find the right guy. Nothing matters to you and sometimes that can be a good thing, but in this case you really need to give a little more to receive. If nothing matters to you this can become a problem in the long run.

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