Astronomers Discover a Planet Made of Diamonds

Astronomers Discover a Planet Made of Diamonds

Astronomers Discover First Diamond Planet

Approximately 40 light years away there is an extrasolar planet that is made up of pure diamonds. The extrasolar planet was discovered in August of 2004 and is currently being disputed by astronomers as the first planet discovered to have a core of diamonds. 55 Cancri e, is double the size of Earth, which gives it the nickname “Super Earth”. Unlike Earth though, the surface has an approximate temperature of 3900˚ Fahrenheit. This planet is part of a system that orbits around 55 Cancri A. The orbit takes over 2 days.

If you are familiar with the way diamonds are naturally made you would know it starts with intense temperatures and pressure from the Earth’s core. The release occurs from erupting underground volcanoes that push the diamond crystals to the earths surface. “The surface of this planet is likely covered in graphite and diamond rather than water and granite,” Nikku Madhusudhan, a Yale Researcher said. Similar to the way diamonds are produced on Earth, 55 Cancri e has such high temperatures and is made up of large amounts of carbon so the core is diamond.

Diamonds are the most expensive gem a person can own. They are eternal and scream luxury. Russia has reportedly has hidden more diamonds than the world has combined in an asteroid crater. We are just  waiting to see who creates technology to get to 55 Cancri e first! What would you do for a diamond planet?

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