Astronomers Discover Diamond Star the Size of Earth!

Astronomers Discover Diamond Star the Size of Earth!

New Diamond Discovery in SPACE!

This is nothing new, diamonds are just intense pressurized crystallization that forms an organize hard substance. One of the highly intriguing discoveries of our time is the “diamond planets”. According to David Kaplan, professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee there is a White Dwarf star light years away that is made purely of diamonds.

The White Dwarf he is referring to is approximately 900 light-years away and estimated to be a whopping 11 billion years old! The star is slowly burning out and cannot be observed because of the dimness. Usually when a star goes through the processes of burning out it starts to crystallize and become a diamond. The star becomes cold and dim, but don’t get it confused because it is “cold” doesn’t mean its necessarily cold. This diamond White Dwarf is still 4,892 degrees Fahrenheit which is 5000 degrees cooler than the center of the sun.

Even though the star is impossible to see, astronomers know how to locate it and distinguish its characteristics through its gravity disturbs and steady radio pulses. The star is said to be a full diamond that is the size of Earth! This isn’t the first massive diamond spotting in space.

Back in 2012 a diamond star was discovered, it was roughly the size of two Earths. The only difference between this stone and the one discovered in 2012? The recent White Dwarf is a pure cut crystallized diamond!

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