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Have you ever given some thought as to how you wear your engagement ring?  I know it seems like a silly question, right?  Of course you wear it on your left ring finger with your wedding band. But have you really explored different fun ways to rock and wear your wedding rings?  Well if not – no worries! That’s what we’re here to do today. The latest craze when it comes to wearing your wedding band and engagement ring has been the “stackable” trend.  Brides are opting for an extra diamond band for an anniversary gift, making it easy to Read More →

Tiffany & Co. engagement rings or non-name brand engagement rings?  Seems like an easy choice since one of the two is a recognized luxury bridal line. You’re not alone in assuming that just because an engagement ring is designer brand that the quality will be better all around. Although, it isn’t true (not at all actually).  The reason you end up paying, what seems like a fortune, more for your Tiffany & Co. engagement ring is because well, you’re paying for the brand. Today, you’re in for a treat.  We’re going to explore how you can get a similar ring Read More →

One of the first Disney Princess stories you hear as a child is the one of dearest Cinderella.  You know how the story goes.  Cinderella loses her father and is forced to be raised and live with her wicked step-mother and step-sisters.  On the night of the Prince’s Royal Ball her evil in-laws try and stop her from attending.  But when you’re Cinderella and have your fairy godmother in tow, surely one will find a way.  And so Cinderella did, with the help of her furry little friends, stole the heart of the Prince and lived happily-ever-after. So what engagement Read More →

All hail Tiffany & Co.! Back again with a post on one of my favorite designers, the one and only, Tiffany & Co.  Over the last few months we’ve explored how to spot a Tiffany fake through tips like checking the coloring of the iconic Tiffany & Co. blue box, checking the Tiffany & Co. font, verifying the high quality of materials used, and making sure those links on the Tiffany & Co. link bracelet are perfectly symmetrical in shape. If you’re a Tiffany fan like me, you’ll also want to check out how Tiffany & Co. rings have evolved Read More →

I know you’re probably questioning “engagement ring etiquette, what does that even mean?”. Let’s assume your man did his very best to find you what he thought was the perfect engagement ring.  Maybe you all went ring shopping a few times before.  Or maybe you showed him some of your fave engagement ring selfies from Instagram so he’d have an idea of your dream ring. Whatever the case, it’s so important to let him know how much you appreciate it – especially if you’ve been waiting for him to pop the big question.  Whether you’re in LOVE with your engagement Read More →

Platinum or White Gold?  That’s the ultimate question when it comes to deciding what metal you’re going to make your engagement ring in.  For some, the answer is easy.  Maybe you wear white gold jewelry already so that’s your go to.  White gold looks the same as platinum, but at a fraction of the cost, why not save money while you can?  Don’t worry you’re not alone when it comes to your initial thoughts about choosing white gold over platinum.  From surface level, it sounds like it makes sense, but there’s a lot more to know about white gold and Read More →

Break out your bathing suits and put on your best grill master’s outfit. Memorial Day Weekend is in full effect! Memorial Day, first and foremost, was established as a day to observe and commemorate all the men and women who fought and died in military service. Let’s face it though, no matter where you’re living (in the continental U.S. at least) everyone looks forward to a beach and barbeque filled Memorial Day and weekend. Not only that, but once the end of May rolls around, you know the start of the summer season is about to begin. As much as Read More →

  Are you tired of the same old wedding anniversary gift ideas?  Or do you enjoy the traditional concepts but want to switch them up with a modern twist? Last month, the hot topic was traditional anniversary gifts, highlighting what is supposed to be given as a present each year. However, when it comes to shopping for your significant other’s gift, exploring anniversary ring alternatives is becoming the new trend. Choosing to go an alternate route opens up the possibilities to find something that reflects your wife or husband’s unique and personal style.  Instead of getting them a traditional anniversary Read More →

Taking a break from our blingy engagement rings today and switching it up with… Tacori Men’s Wedding Bands! Most of the time when we think of ring shopping, finding your favorite engagement ring is the hot topic.  Oftentimes, we don’t really even think about our men’s wedding band until after the proposal. Tacori is a brand that has continued to grow in popularity as being the favored designer line in the bridal jewelry industry.  So it was only right to compile a list of the the Top 10 Tacori Men’s Wedding Bands of 2016. Finding your man the perfect ring Read More →

Fall is always a beautiful time of year, the leaves start to change colors, the temperature starts to cool down without it being unbearably cold, great changes happen during this season.  Why not use this appealing season to plan a special occasion for you and your loved one, including a proposal? I know.. You’re probably thinking “But it’s only May?!”. But as we all know, proper planning is a major key at executing a proposal she’ll remember for a lifetime.  With the Fall season approaching in a few months, the possibilities are endless for creating amazing proposal ideas for all Read More →