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So you are guilty as charged, dubbed with the duty to organize a wild night out on the town for the bride to be and her gang of misfit women. Bachelor parties have been an age old tradition dating back generations to celebrate the last night of “freedom” before they take the plunge. Although we may not be in the dark ages anymore (thank goodness), we do still celebrate that last night of freedom with tom foolery and raunchy behavior, even women partake with their closest girlfriends. Wether its a drunken fest that includes police strippers and plastic penises for straws, or a more classy occasion with a quite lunch that serves cheeses, expensive wine and a stroll through the park, we have got the guide on how to plan your bride to be’s last few nights as a single women!

Bachelorette Party ideas

Virtually almost anyone can host a bachelorette party, unless the bride chose you specifically to do so. Most often the maid of honor and bridesmaids, who are close to the bride, will do the honors, but any friend, relative sometimes or even coworkers who feel the urge can plan this event. When it comes to planning the entertainment, bachelor parties are notorious for hiring strippers or some kind of sexual entertainers, shockingly it happens at bachelorette parties as well. If you are planning on throwing a party such as this, you are definitely going to have to burn any evidence after it. I’m sure the bride wont want any recollection of this night on record! If you are wanting to go the more classy route, a nice spa day would a be perfect chance to get her nerves out of her system and completely relax. Also its a great way to get pampered before her big day! Nails, face, skin, hair and waxing all in one place!

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When it comes to creating the guest list, typically it is a small list that includes the bridal party and any close friends she may want to include. Steer clear of the night before the wedding when your picking the date for the bachelorette party, the last thing the bride needs is a hangover! Most cases the bride is a bundle of nerves, so she shouldn’t have to worry about getting sick. The rehearsal dinner is usually scheduled for the night before anyway. So a week or 3-4 days before the wedding will put her in the perfect position to blow off some major steam before the big day! The point of the party is to reminisce, laugh, act silly, embarrass the bride a little and shower her with love!

Cute Idea

Remind the guests that the bachelorette party is not a bridal shower, presents are not necessary. However this is a great opportunity for ladies to give the bride gag gifts or even sexy ones (like lingerie). You might even ask everyone to bring something silly like a wig and call the party “Wiggen out for Rachel’s Bachelorette Night” or something fun. Or even a book about unique sex positions complete with diagrams, or even a how-to video! Bust out the cheesy candy necklaces, rings, bubbles, glitter, even the water guns. The more goofy quarks you add to the night, the more fun you will have! Get creative and have a blast!

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