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Staying calm and collected when it comes to planning your wedding is near impossible. However there is no need for you to go flying off the handle the first problem that pops up. Many say that your true colors don’t begin to show until you get engaged, but there is a way to avoid becoming a total biatch. You can be the most mild mannered person, until the wedding cater calls in with an issue with the menu, then all the sudden you turn into the incredible hulk.

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Planning a wedding can consume your life, cause lack of sleep, and more stress. Its also very common to have nightmares about the big day! Before you go ripping your hair out over the guest list or flower arraignments remember that you can ask for help! The best way to not become completely overwhelmed in plans is to have someone help you out. Whether it is your best friend, your cousin, sister, or someone you have hired, this will take a lot of the stress off your back with a helping hand.


Budget everything! If you are tight on money and are worried about over spending this can cause the most stress out of everything! Be prepared, plan out every penny and be sure to stick with it as much as you can. It is insanely easy to go over budget with the simple thought “I must have this”. Get that out of your mind right now. You are getting married for love not for the wedding cake. This is supposed to be a once in a lifetime moment, but its just a day, other costs such as a mortgage, car payments and taxes are still going to require payment too. Life doesn’t stop just because your getting married. Just have in mind, that a little help will go a long way!

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If you develop so much stress that you begin to take it out on your wedding party, family or friends, think of ways that you can get rid of that stress in a healthy manor. Creating a wedding journal is a smart way to help you get all your ideas organized into one book and an easy way to plan ahead. Writing down all of your “to do’s” and how you feel about the wedding can be very therapeutic. This can also be helpful to look back on later on to see how crazy you can be under these circumstances. This can be used for the entire celebration, from the bridal shower to the honey moon this is the perfect tool to get your ideas and feelings on paper and out of your system before exploding with stress.The best way to keep your cool during the wedding planning is exercise. It is the perfect way to get in shape and release those endorphins. Exercise is the best way to stay happy and healthy! Don’t overact just go for a run when you get flustered. There is no reason that a bride as beautiful as you should turn into the dreaded bride-zilla!

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