Beautiful Promise Rings at an Affordable Price

Beautiful Promise Rings at an Affordable Price

Beautiful Promise Rings at an Affordable Price

Looking for a long term commitment, but you aren’t ready to pop the question. A good thing to do before marriage is give a promise ring to show your devotion and love for your significant other. Anything can be a promise ring, but the better quality the ring is the more serious the gesture will seem. The misconception is that just because it is a piece of jewelry the price will be out of your budget, but in all reality there are a few things you can do to spend as little as $18 on a ring!

The first thing we would recommend is use sterling silver instead of a gold or platinum setting. The price for a gold or platinum setting is through the roof, save gold or platinum for the engagement ring. Some designer jewelry companies that are well known for using mainly sterling silver is Tiffany & Co., David Yurman, John Hardy etc.

The second thing could be using a center stone other than a diamond. Diamonds are the most expensive gemstone on the planet because of their durability and beautiful aura, but depending on the size, cut and clarity the ring could be in the thousands for even a small diamond ring. We would suggest using a tourmaline stone because tourmaline is a type of gemstone that comes in virtually any color. Another clever thing you can do is use her birthstone!

The last and final thing that can help you have an affordable promise ring is reconsider getting her a ring. Its very cliche to give a ring to signify love and commitment, but in todays society getting her just a piece of nice jewelry can get the message across equally as well.

The key thing is communication. Have a hypothetical conversation about promise rings and ask her if she would be upset if you got jewelry over a ring. This is your relationship so feel free on spending as much as you want, but just remember the stone and the setting will change the price dramatically!

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