Birthstone Engagement Rings: The Non-Traditional Way To Show Your Love

Diamonds have been the stone of choice in an engagement ring for centuries; however, the trend is beginning to be amended with creative and often less costly alternatives to diamonds. Before we go any farther, it is our position that you can NEVER go wrong with a diamond engagement ring. But maybe you are more of a creative risk taker? OK, then… read on in this special addition to our usual themes, and learn about Birthstone Engagement Rings!

Designing an engagement ring with a birthstone setting is becoming increasingly popular as a way to personalize the ring. A birthstone can be used in any type of setting, just like a traditional engagement ring, with or without diamonds surrounding the gemstone.

Although, the birthstone used in the setting is typically the bride’s birthstone, there are several variations to consider. For example, you could choose to use the bride’s birthstone and your birthstone in the setting or if the bride loves the ocean and you love the mountains, consider combining a pearl to represent the sea and an emerald to represent the mountains.

Birthstones are available in a variety of brilliant colors that can be the centerpiece of a stunning and unique engagement ring. It is becoming popular for grooms to start thinking outside the box by giving non-traditional engagement rings to the bride. This is becoming a trend for celebrity couples as well, for example, Jessica Simpson’s engagement ring is a romantic ruby (her birthstone) with two pear shaped diamond side stones.

If the bride loves her birthstone color, there is no reason it should not be incorporated into her engagement ring. Birthstones are typically less expensive than diamonds, but there are other benefits as well to wearing a birthstone including fortune and good luck. Whatever the reason may be for choosing a birthstone engagement ring, the combination of precious stones and diamonds are guaranteed to make a uniquely stunning engagement ring.

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