Birthstone Engagement Rings

Birthstone Engagement Rings

Are you looking for a unique, personalized idea for an engagement ring? Why not give the love of your life a birthstone engagement ring?

Birthstones are traditionally gemstones that aren’t as expensive of the traditional engagement-ring diamond.

Although this idea wouldn’t necessarily work for April babies (As one of the birthstones is a diamond), it is a much less expensive alternative to a regular diamond engagement ring. There are so many options for birthstone engagement rings—whether the birthstone is center stage or the birthstones are small accents within the design.

The average cost of an engagement ring in America in 2011 was $5,100. The average cost of a birthstone engagement ring where the birthstone is the center stone was about $2,600 in 2011.

This engagement ring features Opal inlay, the birthstone for October, which is accenting the diamonds. This is a large setting that would normally require many more accent diamonds or larger, and the opal offers a gorgeous and unique contrast to the diamonds.

Emeralds are the birthstone for the month of May. A ring like this that features an Emerald as the main focal point of the ring also features smaller diamonds accenting the emerald, as well as two tones of gold. The intricate and unique design details and the diamond accents truly encompass the birthstone into the ideals of an engagement ring.

This birthstone sapphire engagement ring, the birthstone for September, is a great memento for your Virgo girlfriend. It’s classically designed and beautiful and a great option for brides-to-be that aren’t into the traditional design.

Many of the birthstones have meanings outside of the traditional meaning of a diamond engagement ring, too! A sapphire usually stands for loyalty and fidelity. An opal can traditionally mean hope or great achievements. A ruby, July’s birthstone, is said to be a love stone, bringing great passion and desire.

If you’re trying to say I love you and want to marry you—but personalize the thought or give it a more personal meaning, a birthstone engagement ring is a great option!

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