Can a Relationship Bounce Back From Cheating?

Can a Relationship Bounce Back From Cheating?

Can a Relationship Bounce Back From Cheating?

One of the most controversial topics of relationships are cheating. According to Cosmopolitan Magazine, less than 2% of women would be “very likely” to cheat, or think about cheating. Men however were asked this sam question and at least 5% said they would! But does cheating mean that you necessarily are disinterested in your partner? Or is it a subconscious sign for something else?

One of the top reasons a person cheats in a relationship is because they want to experience something new. Usually couples that start dating at a young age have an issue with this. The other reason is someone in the relationship craves emotional validation from someone other than your current partner. According to a poll on about 5% say cheating is NOT a deal breaker for them.

Infidelity is never the correct option, but for some men experimenting with another women can validate that you are the right person for them. Women are scientifically less likely (this doesn’t mean they don’t) to cheat because of certain hormones released causing the brain to feel an addiction to their partner. It is seen all over the news, celebrity relationships ending because someone is unfaithful. Twilight star, Kristen Stewart is a perfect example. She was seen kissing the director of Snow White and the Huntsman in a car. Paparazzi snapped some photo’s and that was the end of her current relationship with Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson. Months later the two reconciled and were seen in the public together again.

The honest truth is that we are human and people do tend to make mistakes. When relationships start at a young age it is natural to act out and experiment with other people. So to answer the question, “can a relationship bounce back” that is for you to figure out. If your significant other consistently begs for you back and proves that they want to be a part of your life sometimes a second chance is necessary. Many couples need a deal breaking moment to realize what life would be like without one another.

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