Bride Chooses 80 Bridesmaids for her Wedding!

Bride Chooses 80 Bridesmaids for her Wedding!

Bride has 80 Bridesmaids!

Some say less is always more, thats not the case for bride Katie Dalby! The 26 year old dance teacher married firman Norman Gooch this past saturday. She walked down the aisle with a staggering 80 bridesmaids! The couple married in Harwich, Essex at St. Nicholas Church. According to International Business Times, the road to the church was shut down to accommodate for the bridal party.

Katie first had 6 of her closest friends and family be a part of the bridal party, then when she broke the news to her dance students they all wanted in! “It just couldn’t have been fair to choose two or three of them so the only solution was to invite 74 of them — I didn’t want to exclude anyone,” she told the DailyMail. The age group ranged from girls 2-17. Dalby’s mom said it was such a typically good thing for her to do!

The bridal party all wore stunning hot pink strapless dresses with a simple black sash. All the women (and girls) had their hair tied up in a pretty side bun with simple earrings and no necklaces. They all held a small bouquet with a mixture of flowers.

Beleive it or not Dalby did not break the record for most women in a bridal party! According to The World Record Academy, that title went to a bride in Bangkok with 95 bridesmaids!

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