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Every women deserves there dream wedding, surrounded by lavish flowers, family, friends and lost of cake. However when it comes down to the actually planning and budgeting for your big day, those dreams of an elegant wedding can soon seem out of reach. Don’t worry though ladies with proper preparation you have still have your dream wedding and save some money in the process. Preparing a budget and sticking with it can be harder then expected and can bring along with it a lot of stress, but before you go breaking your bank, we have gathered the best do it yourself tips for today’s bride on a budget!

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Guest Lists

To save money on your wedding reception the first place to start is with the guest list. Before sending out your “save the date” cards consider cutting your original guest list down. Doing this will create a domino effect of savings. If you are having trouble laying down the hammer with the guest list, be aware that by doing this you will be saving more than expected, this leads to cuts in cost in food, decorations, centerpieces and even party favors! Stick to close friends and family rather then the entire neighborhood to save you some pennies in the bank. Remember this wedding is about the love between you two, not your second cousin that has been twice removed.

Holiday Season Wedding Ideas


Another option to consider is having your wedding day that isn’t in the smack dab center of wedding season. With proper consideration you can also buy your wedding decorations after a major holiday to save you hundreds, rather then purchasing them through a vender. Timing is everything, so if your planning on having your wedding in mid spring or summer, be aware of the high volume of weddings that will be happening just the same as yours. This can cause problems with attendance as well as your budget. With a high number of clients during this time, wedding planners, venues and other “must haves” for your big day are often booked. To save you money and the embarrassment of being overlooked, be sure to plan your big day on the off-season. This usually falls somewhere between November and April. Perfect for a fall or winter wedding!

Priceless Wedding Photos <3


Now who wouldn’t want a Vogue inspired wedding photo shoot? Well you don’t have to go running to the bank just to get that perfect picture of your magical day. Hiring a professional photographer can get pretty pricy, but it you plan it correctly you can hire him for the ceremony, and wedding photos rather then sticking around for the reception to save you hours of their costly time. Having the technology we do today has made it possible to instantly take and receive photos within seconds. Phone applications have been created specifically for those weddings that have opted out of hiring a photographer. The way it works is you upload your full guest list to the application, it then emails or sends a text to your guests inviting them to join your “wedding day album”, so when the big day finally does arrive, your guests can upload all of their personal photos of the wedding to the application, thus creating a slew of photos for the bride and groom completely free of charge! This leaves room for more fun with the photos and ensures that everyone can participate in capturing your day of LOVE!

Pineapple Floral Wedding Decor- IN LOVE

Decorations and Flowers

Looking to save money but still make a statement with some flower decor? Search no further then your local craft store, and your Pinterest board. When it comes to the flowers try sticking to flowers that are in season, also mix some greenery in the bouquets, this can cut the cost in half. Center pieces can be an easy project to execute over a glass of wine with a girlfriend on a Saturday night. Mix and match when it comes to materials, you can even sparkle it up with some glitter. Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone when it comes to decoration. Anything can work! With proper preparation, and planning, you can get your dream wedding within your budget and still have money in the bank to splurge on your honeymoon!

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