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Asking someone to be your bridesmaid isn’t just done by asking the question anymore. Women are making it tradition to plot out interesting ways in having their close girlfriends be a bridesmaid. We went through Pinterest over and over to become more inspired with our writing. We picked the  top 5 Pinterest posts on how to propose to your bridesmaid. If you have any wedding stories or ideas or just want to let us know what you thought of our page don’t be afraid to email us at RLJ455@Gmail.Com

Wine Bottle Labels

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1. Wine Labels: A new way of advertising is printing out your own customized wine labels. You can put almost anything you want on these things! When you are deciding on a bridesmaid, get a plain wine bottle, print out your own label with a picture that says “be my bridesmaid?” or anything fun that you decide on! Put the wine bottle somewhere she will most definitely find it!

Wedding Puzzle Pieces

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2. Make Puzzle Pieces: This is a craft that can be done by hand or you can find custom puzzles on various websites. Get a small puzzle and create something that says “I can’t Say I Do Without You”. Once the puzzle is put together your bridesmaids will be ecstatic! To buy a custom puzzle piece on-line we found a site where the price is only 1.80 per puzzle.

Bridesmaid Box

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3. Make a Memory Box: This is for women that love to craft! You can be as creative as you want to. We would buy holly wooden box, decorate it and fill it with assorted gifts and items that recall great memories you shared with that particular person. We would suggest that you make each bridesmaid box authentic! The image above is a great inspiration photo of what to do!

Mock Proposal to Bridesmaids

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4. Mock Proposal: Buy a small box and within the box put a ring (we like ring pops) and write a sweet note along the lines of something like “now its my turn to propose, will you be my bridesmaid.” This is such a unique way of asking someone to be your bridesmaid. It is so simple and easy to do and your close friend or family will love that they get a ring pop in addition to being asked.

Note to a Bridesmaid

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5. Write a Note: This is the most simple and traditional way to ask. Write a note to your friend or family and in the note state how much that specific person means to you, great memories you shared together and then state why it would mean so much to you if they became your bridesmaid. If you happen to know how to use Photoshop or Indesign this might be a cool graphic design way of making the note stand out!

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