Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are Engaged!

Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are Engaged!

Brie Bella is Engaged

We are so excited to announce that stars of E! Networks Total Diva’s, Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan are engaged! This show is definetly one of our guilty pleasures. The premise is about WWE superstars that have real life drama involving work, co-workers, friends and boyfriends. Brie and her twin sister Nikki Bella both have buffed up WWE Wrestler boyfriends. Nikki is dating big time star John Cena. The two have no immediate plans for marriage.

As for Brie, her and Daniel Bryan became engaged September 25th while on a hike in Big Sur, California. Brie revealed to E!, “He got really, really nervous and he started talking about how

Brie Bella Engaged

long we’ve been together. He got down on one knee and compared our love. He said he’ll love me forever like the ocean goes on.”

The two have been dating for three years and you could tell from the show, Total Diva’s Bryan is crazy about her! Brie wants to have the wedding between April and June of next year, obviously being WWE stars the two are going to have to work around their crazy schedules!

Now, about this ring. The engagement ring is so unique, we absolutely love it! According to E! News, “It’s an old, vintage European diamond. It’s 1.5 carats,” Brie revealed. “It really fits how Bryan and I are with nature. It’s elegant and dainty. It’s exactly what I wanted.” Congrats to you two!


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