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should you buy an engagement ring onlineFor decades, when couples wanted to go get married they would make a list of a few jewelry stores they wanted to visit, would go to browse a variety of engagement rings, and ultimately pick the jeweler and ring that spoke to them most, that fit within their budget, offered special incentives, or had some type of great life warranty. Don’t get me wrong – this is still is a big occurrence of what goes on today.  The online world has made it easy for products to be at consumer’s fingertips – engagement rings, wedding bands and bridal jewelry included. Not only that but online shopping has opened the door to new brands and products from all over the world that were once not accessible.

While a majority of couples will stick to visiting the “brick and mortar” stores we can’t ignore the increase in online engagement ring shopping.  (Not too mention if the brick and mortar store you’re visiting doesn’t have an online presence and store – they might not stay in business for the long run).  With that being said, I thought it would be helpful to cover some basic guidelines and tips to help those entering the online engagement ring shopping hunt.

Research. Research. Research.

The internet has made it super easy for us to type in a simple keyword and pull up a plethora of options for us to choose from.   When beginning your search, compile a list of online jewelry stores that sell engagement rings, as if you would if you were going to visit a few in person.  From there dig in a bit and check out their website, social media pages and even review websites like Yelp.  These are great outlets to check and see what consumers have already said about these businesses and whether or not they have positive feedback when it comes to selling engagement rings.

When visiting the individual stores websites – make sure to check out pages like “lifetime warranty”, “returns and exchanges”, “custom designs”, “upgrading”, “financing”, “authorized retailers”.   For example, does the online jewelery store offer lifetime warranties such as: Free Rhodium for Life, Complimentary Ring Sizing, Upgrade Incentives, Insurance Appraisals, etc. All of these pages will contain valuable information that you’ll want to make note of when it comes to picking the right jeweler for you.

While you’re at it.  Check out and see if the online jewelry store you’re considering offers a live online chat.  This is an easy and quick way to have some of your top questions answered from someone directly from the company.

Choose Your Favorite Engagement Ring Style

Just like you’ve noticed when you’re browsing for a pair of shoes or a new little black dress, the online world has an overabundance of items to offer us. Same goes for the online jewelry industry.  Yup, that means that the selection of engagement rings out there for you to choose from is probably going to be waaay overwhelming to a bridal jewelry novice. No worries tho – we have a few tips for narrowing the style down you want.  Engagement rings are made in different types of settings which range from Solitaire to Halos to Vintage to Split Shanks to Criss-Cross.  Lookup a few of these different designs along the way and try and pick your favorite 2 that you know you would definitely rock for your engagement ring.

Do You Have a Budget? If Not, Set One!

This point seems silly but is highly effective when it comes to online engagement rings.  Just as if you were going to shop around for a new car or home, you’d set a budget for yourself.  Your budget doesn’t necessarily need to be one determining number, but can be a range.  Based on your own financial factors, set a base number that you know you definitely want to at least spend on an engagement ring. Then cap your budget with your ultimate top and walk away price. This means come up with a number that is the most money you’re willing to spend on an engagement ring, and that if it were any higher, you know you unfortunately have to walk away from the deal.

Setting a budget is beneficial to you as a consumer to make sure you’re staying within a budget you set for yourself.  But it also allows the jewelry store you’re scouting to give you the best options that would be doable for your price range.  This way you don’t waste time browsing items you definitely wouldn’t consider.  Overall having a budget will present you with your best options for the type of engagement ring you want.

The Main Event – Choosing Your Center Stone

One of the other important factors to consider when you’re about to embark on your online engagement ring hunt is to determine the center stone you want.  Most engagement rings are sold as a setting – what is a setting you ask?  The setting of an engagement ring is the the entire ring besides the center stone diamond (or 3 center stone diamonds in the event you’re talking about a 3 Stone Engagement Ring setting). Settings are normally designed to be customized to hold any center stone of your choice. So more times than not, you’re purchase your setting and center stone separately.

round cut diamond, emerald cut diamond, asscher cut diamond, cushion cut diamond, pear cut diamond, heart shape diamond, oval cut diamond, pear cut diamond

So which center stone is right for you?  Luckily this is all based on personal preference and there are 10 different shapes to choose from.  Round – Emerald – Asscher – Cushion – Heart – Marquise – Oval – Pear – Princess – Radiant.

The next thing to keep in mind when it comes to choosing your center are the 4 Cs of Diamond Quality.  The 4 Cs were implemented by the GIA to create a universal standard to determine the quality of any diamond.  Color, Cut, Clarity, and Carat Weight all play into the cost and quality when choosing a diamond.  Check out a variety of these options to get familiar with the difference. Oftentimes the naked-eye can’t even notice the small differences.

If you’re interested in buying an engagement ring online, don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns you may have. We’d love to hear from you.

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