Spotlight On: Mary-Kate Olsen’s Cartier Engagement Ring

Spotlight On: Mary-Kate Olsen’s Cartier Engagement Ring

Can you Guess who's finger this ring belongs to!?


Since February it has been up in the air if Mary-Kate Olsen is engaged to her 17-year older boyfriend Olivier Sarkozy. Olivier is 44 while Mary-Kate is a mere 27-years old. Sarkozy is the half-brother of French President Nicolas Sarkozy and is living quite comfortable do to the fact the couple is shacking up in a $6.25 million New York Townhouse.

Mary-Kate is continuously seen wearing this massive yellow gold diamond ring on THAT finger. Confusion has been escalating because she keeps wearing the ring, but won’t give any mention of if its an engagement ring, cocktail ring or anything else! According to the ring is a vintage Cartier ring that Sarkozy bought from reputable jeweler Sotheby’s.

The price was quite modest after what Hollywood couples are spending now-a-days on their engagement rings. Kanye West just proposed earlier this year with a massive D, Flawless radiant cut diamond ring that literally is bigger than their new-born babies hands! That ring went for a rumored $8 million dollars. Stars like to do it big, its hard to find a celebrity with anything less of 5 carats!

Mary-Kate Olsen's $81K Cartier Ring!

Mary-Kate’s ring is a 4-carat old european cut diamond surrounded by 16 calibre cut sapphires. The ring has a floral shape with the bezel area of the ring taking on the shape offlower petals. The shank is a yellow cable design which ties in perfectly with the intricate designs of the ring. There are approximately 1.5 carats of accent single cut diamonds that are located throughout the petals on the bezel of the ring. It is said that this ring was previously owned by a Tennessee collector back in the 1950s. The ring was originally estimated in only costing between $40,000 to $60,000 dollars, but was sold to Sarkozy for a whopping $81,250!

There has been no official comment for Sotheby’s regarding this sparkler, but we are certain the ring went for a prestigious amount. Mary-Kate is known for having an odd vintage flare so if this is an engagement ring we think it fits her personality to a T. She is such a small thing that it is hard to not notice this giant rock on her finger. The setting itself has incredible depth to it. Though the age difference is quite drastic we hope the celeb couple is happy and has a wonderful engagement! Can’t wait to see what the wedding has in store for us!

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