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The engagement is over and now there is a wedding to plan! There are so many things that goes into planning a wedding and dealing with the after-math of an engagement. It is time to now deal with the chaos! The movies and tv shows make planning a wedding seem like a non-chalant deal. Not to scare you, but its not all roses and daisies. There are so many small details like what the center piece will be? Chair decorations, bridesmaids dresses, will you give goodie bags, what wine will you serve, what venue, what flowers, color scheme, etc. Planning a wedding can be made easier and less stressful if you read our posts about ways to plan. We show you simple alternatives to pricey decorations. Another thing most couples have to worry about After the Engagement Ring is the Wedding Band! Wedding bands are one of the hardest things to shop for. You have to be able to find the perfect match for your engagement ring and it also has to be paired with your significant other’s ring. We have a plethora of styles and information about what ring to choose and why to choose it!

Have you ever given some thought as to how you wear your engagement ring?  I know it seems like a silly question, right?  Of course you wear it on your left ring finger with your wedding band. But have you really explored different fun ways to rock and wear your wedding rings?  Well if not – no worries! That’s what we’re here to do today. The latest craze when it comes to wearing your wedding band and engagement ring has been the “stackable” trend.  Brides are opting for an extra diamond band for an anniversary gift, making it easy to Read More →

You just recently booked your summer honeymoon trip to Europe and you’re ecstatic to say the least.  As you look down at your phone to add all of the exciting details to your calendar and text your girlfriends, your diamond engagement ring flashes in the corner of your eye and you get to thinking.  Is it going to be safe to travel with my new beloved engagement ring and wedding band? While some of you may never question taking your engagement ring off, there are many of us that like to take preventative measures. After all, for some purchasing an Read More →

Did you know that traditionally you’re not supposed to give your significant other diamonds until your 60th wedding anniversary?! Not only that, but you can count out silver too until you hit the big “25 year” mark.  (It might just be me, but that’s a long time for a girl to wait!) According to tradition the 1st year anniversary gift is to give your loved one something made with paper.  Cotton, Leather, Fruits, Wood, Wool, and Tin are a few other items that are usually given up until the 10th year anniversary. The origins of giving anniversary gifts to your Read More →

Hopefully by now you have realized that getting engaged isn’t all about the ring. However many women have been known to ruin that iconic romantic moment when he is proposing just by their reaction or lack there of once they see the ring. That moment when you realize that the ring he is slipping on your finger, may not be quite what you expected it to be, can throw you off balance real quick. Of coarse, if your soon to be hubby went shoe shopping for you, and he came back with shoes that not even a hobo would wear, Read More →

He did it! He proposed! Just like in the movies, romantic, down on one knee, the whole shebang! To be completely honest, most of us spend way to much time on social media, meaning the engagement announcement photo must be flawless as that rock placed on your left hand. Here is your complete guide to ensure the best engagement ring selfie for all the world to see! Location, Location, Location! When looking for the best place to take your photo, remember to pick a place with amazing lighting and color. If your ring is a clear in color, place it Read More →

Which Wedding Band is for You? So you want to buy a wedding band for the special day that is arising. Many people assume that the wedding band is one of the easier purchases for the wedding, but in fact it is one of the hardest. Finding a band ring that compliments your engagement ring and matches your significant other can be quite complex! Find out which ring is perfect for you here! 1. The Thin Pave Set Diamond Wedding Band: This is for the simple bride, not too much bling. This type of band ring usually fits best with Read More →

Two of the Cutest Proposals…Told by Men! So lets hear it for the boys today! You know, those people that clearly drive us crazy, but in some way our love for them escalates everyday. We all know about this trendy fad, proposal videos! But this isn’t just your average cute video, we have the inside scoop on how it feels to be a guy proposing to his lady! The first video is is between a post grad Medical Laboratory Science student Christopher and his fiancé Lily. At his graduation party he flipped the switch by turning it into an engagement Read More →

Hassle Free Jewelry Cleaning Without any Equipment Are you tired of constantly having to go into your local jeweler and having them steam away all the blemishes on your bling? What if there was a more simple way to clean your jewelry without having to transport it or buy expensive gadgets? Using at-home cleaning supplies is all you really need to make your sparklers look brand new again! Cleaning Your Gold & Pearls Cleaning gold can be the most simple thing in the book! The only ingredients you will need to make a cleaning concoction are dishwasher soap and warm Read More →

How to Make an Engagement Ring Hard to Steal Get it Appraised! Before stepping into marriage you should take some precautions to ensure your beautiful engagement ring stays liable! An engagement ring can cost more than a house so it is responsible to make sure you get it something called appraised. An appraisal is basically when you sit down with a jeweler and he examines your ring closely to find out the overall value and creates a list of details your ring has just in case it is stolen, lost, etc. It is definitely helpful for a police report if Read More →