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Just because society accepted white gold or yellow gold settings and a diamond doesn’t mean that has to be the path you travel down. Most people are not the same. Everyone was created differently for a reason. The new trending topic is non-traditional engagement rings. Celebrities such as Halle Berry and Kate Middleton have turned heads with their fabulous engagement rings. Kate Middleton sports her Mother in Law, Princess Diana’s engagement ring. It is a magnificent 18 Carat Sapphire with Round Diamonds encompassing the huge gemstone center stone. Halle Berries ring on the other hand gives us a more ancient egyptian feel. The center stone is a giant Columbian emerald with two diamond accent stones. The ideas are limitless. You can have whichever metal you want, to whichever stone you want and even the shape and size! The big misconception is that you have to get a different color center stone for the ring to be considered “non-traditional” but in reality the setting, metal color and shape of the diamond can give the impression you are different too! Read some of our posts in this category to become more acquainted to the different styles of engagement rings that fit your personality!

Spotlight On: David Yurman Engagement Rings David Yurman.  A brand many are familiar with due to them being around for years.  When you think of David Yurman, engagement rings usually are the first thing to come to mind. When you see people rocking David Yurman it’s usually in the form of their classic cable bracelets, earrings and pendant enhancers.  But – today I’m here to show appreciation to another side of the David Yurman jewelry line.  Their bridal collection that deserves a praise of its own. Join me as we take a look into the wild world of David Yurman Read More →

Diamond wedding bands, diamond eternity bands, I’ll take two please!  Diamond wedding bands are known for complimenting your stunning diamond engagement ring, since most of us wives wear them together.  Lately, brides (and non-brides) are using their diamond wedding bands and diamond rings as regular everyday fashion pieces. This diamond ring look and stacked style is definitely a favorite trend of mine. Wearing a few diamond wedding bands on two or three fingers everyday really adds a simple fashionable look to any outfit. With that being said, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite alternative diamond wedding bands that totally Read More →

Do you ever find yourself browsing the latest engagement ring trends and think “I wouldn’t wear any of these!”.  On the other hand, maybe classic engagement ring styles just aren’t up your alley. Don’t you worry though, there are plenty of unique engagement rings that speak to the non-traditional brides.  There are so many fun engagement ring alternatives when it comes to mixing and matching colored diamonds, open bypass designs, intricate detailing, you name it. For all my distinct ladies in the place, check out some of the top 15 unique engagement rings for the non traditional bride. Elongated Cushion Read More →

Halo engagement rings, solitaire engagement rings, three stone engagement rings.  It seems like when it comes to choosing an engagement ring there’s a plethora of setting styles to choose from.  And not that I’m complaining.  The variety of engagement ring styles allows a bride-to-be to really find an engagement ring that embodies her personality and unique style. For some of us however, the overflow of different engagement rings out there makes it overwhelming when it comes to finding and determining what ring is exactly “right for you”.  But don’t you worry, that’s why we’re breaking down some of the pros Read More →

Move on over diamond engagement rings, sapphires are here to steal the show.  Lately, there’s been an increase in sapphire popularity when it comes to choosing a center stone for your engagement ring.  Women are starting to take an alternative approach opting for these vivid gemstones in place of diamonds. Regal and vibrant blue hues are the first two things that come to mind when I think of sapphires.  Sapphire engagement rings are offering an original and offbeat option. Digging a little deeper, a lot of women end up opting for sapphire gemstones because they are a more ethical alternative Read More →

You just recently booked your summer honeymoon trip to Europe and you’re ecstatic to say the least.  As you look down at your phone to add all of the exciting details to your calendar and text your girlfriends, your diamond engagement ring flashes in the corner of your eye and you get to thinking.  Is it going to be safe to travel with my new beloved engagement ring and wedding band? While some of you may never question taking your engagement ring off, there are many of us that like to take preventative measures. After all, for some purchasing an Read More →

Well, here it is. The last installment of choosing birthstone engagement rings 101.  By now we’ve explored the new trend where women are taking a different approach when it comes to choosing the center stone for their beloved engagement ring. While diamonds remain the front-runner, birthstones are starting to catch the attention of many. Birthstone engagement rings offer an exclusive and personalized aura.  Not only that, birthstone rings offer more options to customize your ring without breaking the bank.  We’ve learned about the first eight months’ birthstones so far and what they symbolize.  We’ve also checked out so really beautiful Read More →

Your engagement ring guru guide is back with part 2 of “Would You Wear Birthstone Engagement Rings?” Last week the topic of birthstone engagement rings was explored.  Diamonds have been the symbol of love for centuries, which is how they’ve found their place at the center of engagement rings and bridal jewelry. Now a days, women have been taking a more unconventional approach to searching and choosing their engagement ring.  Replacing the classic Diamond with a birthstone gem.  Birthstone engagement rings come with many benefits, mostly revolving around the fact that they exude layers of sentimental value and passion.  Not Read More →

As little girls we dream about being Cinderella, Belle, Snow White and our other favorite Disney Princesses.  We dream of the day we found Prince Charming and “Happily Ever After”.  Whenever you heard the words “once upon a time” you were automatically part of this magical world. Now as adults we know life isn’t the perfect fairy tale, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still embrace our inner Disney Princess and live out our own our special happily ever after.. These Disney inspired rings will have you living out your favorite magical dream.  So which Disney Princess are you? Cinderella Read More →

It’s no surprise diamonds usually take 1st place when it comes to selecting a center stone for your engagement ring and other wedding jewelry.  However, birthstones have started to become a real contender as they increase in popularity among the ladies.  Choosing a birthstone engagement ring not only saves a couple some cash, but it allows the woman to express herself through colors that make it stand out from the rest.  Plain and simple, birthstone engagement rings are unique and special to the woman who chooses them.  In fact, many couples now are starting to choose birthstones instead of diamonds Read More →