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Just because society accepted white gold or yellow gold settings and a diamond doesn’t mean that has to be the path you travel down. Most people are not the same. Everyone was created differently for a reason. The new trending topic is non-traditional engagement rings. Celebrities such as Halle Berry and Kate Middleton have turned heads with their fabulous engagement rings. Kate Middleton sports her Mother in Law, Princess Diana’s engagement ring. It is a magnificent 18 Carat Sapphire with Round Diamonds encompassing the huge gemstone center stone. Halle Berries ring on the other hand gives us a more ancient egyptian feel. The center stone is a giant Columbian emerald with two diamond accent stones. The ideas are limitless. You can have whichever metal you want, to whichever stone you want and even the shape and size! The big misconception is that you have to get a different color center stone for the ring to be considered “non-traditional” but in reality the setting, metal color and shape of the diamond can give the impression you are different too! Read some of our posts in this category to become more acquainted to the different styles of engagement rings that fit your personality!

Most Expensive Gemstone Engagement Rings Gemstone engagement rings are becoming the newest trend of 2013. The glistening colored stones are making such an impact on the bridal market that they are no longer the type of stones you settle to lower the cost of your overall ring. The top four most expensive engagement rings are owned by celebrities such as Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson and more. She has made a comeback in Hollywood, and not for singing. Jessica Simpson is a fashion with amazing taste in shoes, clothing and of course jewelry. Her engagement ring is customarily designed for her Read More →

6 Unique and Unusual Wedding Bands The wedding band signifies an everlasting love and devotion to your significant other. Depending on the couple the band doesn’t always have to be as traditional as your vows! A wedding band is supposed to represent who you both are together, it should represent your personality as one and give off the ambiance of romance. If you are a not-so-traditional couple then this post is the perfect place to start your research on a wedding band! If you have any engagement stories or proposal stories you would like to share and have published please Read More →

  Want to mourn your loved one, but don’t want to continuously go to an eery grave sight? What if there was a way to keep a family tradition alive by turning your deceased into a diamond? There are various websites like DNA2Diamonds.Com or LifeGem.Com that can scientifically transform your beloved into a diamond. These websites are dedicated to giving you a unique way to remember the departed. The process of creating a human or pet diamond seems like a nonsensical and fantasized development, but in reality the creation of a human or animal diamond is quite simple. These stones Read More →

What if I Don’t Want an Engagement Ring? Engagement rings can be dated back centuries to when Archduke Maximilian gave a ring with flat white diamonds in the shape of an M to Lady Mary Espouses. Rings don’t only dignify love and promise to your significant other, but the meaning of exchanging a luxurious expensive gift can be a thoughtful aspect of it too. Who says that an engagement ring is the only way to suggest love though? In modern times women usually only wear their wedding band because of theft reasons. Sometimes when a couple is first starting out Read More →

Colorful Engagement Rings Buying an engagement ring doesn’t just mean you have to necessarily buy a colorless diamond. Modern day engagement rings can be your favorite colored gemstone as well! Some celebrities that have a head start on this new fashion trend are Halle Berry, Kate Middleton, Carrie Underwood, Etc. Most thing that people don’t know is that diamonds don’t only come colorless. Harry Winston lent Halle Berry a 5.4 Carat Pumpkin Diamond for her red carpet appearance during the Oscars. Pumpkin Diamonds, like they sound are orange colored diamonds. These are one of the rarest in the diamond family Read More →

Choosing an engagement ring can be a daunting process, but the ethical implications of deciding on which stone to get can make the process just that more intimidating. Unique engagement rings are pretty easy to come by – ethical and eco-friendly engagement rings, on the other hand, require a little more exploration. Here are some tips and ideas on how to choose an eco-friendly engagement ring: Choosing an Eco-Friendly Engagement Ring Do your research Most of the world’s diamonds are mined at large industrial mines that have terrible impacts on the environment. Colored gemstones mostly arrive on our markets from Read More →

Gemstones come in so many different shapes, sizes, colors and cuts. It’s hard not to fall in love with the vibrant hues and sparkle of these natural treasures. So, if you have a ring that features a gorgeous gem, you’re going to want to make sure it’s secure in it’s setting. You can have a professional jeweler take care of a loose gemstone for you, but it’s not too difficult to actually do it on your own. Here’s how: How to Set a Loose Gemstone Measure the size of the loose gemstone you want to set. Figure out the gemstones’ Read More →

The engagement ring that you wear for the rest of your life shouldn’t just represent the love the two of you have for one another, but also reflect each of your personalities and individual style. Many brides tend to lean towards a more traditional route with the classic clear, brilliant-cut diamond, but there are so many other stones that you should consider before making a final decision.  Let’s look at popular gemstones for an engagement ring. Popular Gemstones for an Engagement Ring Diamonds Diamonds are the traditional choice of stone for an engagement ring, but there’s a good reason for Read More →

When picking an engagement ring, you have to get out of the typical mindset of what you think an engagement ring should look like. This is going to be the ring that you wear as long as you both shall live, so shouldn’t it be something that reflects your personality? Here are a few other options out there so that you know all that there is to offer. 9 Not-So-Traditional Engagement Ring Options Fancy diamonds: Who says you have to stick with a plain diamond? You may want to consider something a little more colorful, such as pink, yellow, blue, Read More →

October is at its end, which means engagement season is coming on fast. If you’re planning to propose then you should already be on your search to find the right ring for the right girl. It’s stressful enough trying to find a ring for the traditional woman, but when it comes to finding one for a girl who’s a little more out of the box, you’re bound to pull out all of your hair. We are here to help – here are a few suggestions for unique engagement rings found on Etsy. Unique Engagement Rings for a Unique Bride Rough Read More →