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Just because society accepted white gold or yellow gold settings and a diamond doesn’t mean that has to be the path you travel down. Most people are not the same. Everyone was created differently for a reason. The new trending topic is non-traditional engagement rings. Celebrities such as Halle Berry and Kate Middleton have turned heads with their fabulous engagement rings. Kate Middleton sports her Mother in Law, Princess Diana’s engagement ring. It is a magnificent 18 Carat Sapphire with Round Diamonds encompassing the huge gemstone center stone. Halle Berries ring on the other hand gives us a more ancient egyptian feel. The center stone is a giant Columbian emerald with two diamond accent stones. The ideas are limitless. You can have whichever metal you want, to whichever stone you want and even the shape and size! The big misconception is that you have to get a different color center stone for the ring to be considered “non-traditional” but in reality the setting, metal color and shape of the diamond can give the impression you are different too! Read some of our posts in this category to become more acquainted to the different styles of engagement rings that fit your personality!

It’s always fun to ogle at celebrities and their glamorous lives. So, let’s think back on some non-traditional engagement rings of the wealthy. Non-Traditional Celebrity Engagement Rings Kate Middleton: Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton with his mother’s sapphire-and-diamond ring. He said, “It’s very special to me, Kate’s very special to me as well, I thought it only right to put the two together.” The 18-carat oval sapphire is surrounded by 14 diamonds and set in 18-karat white gold. Angelina Jolie: Brad Pitt gave Angelina Jolie an engagement ring that is truly one of a kind. He had it cut Read More →

Ladies, it’s time to move on from your everyday, traditional diamond solitaire engagement rings with a platinum setting. Why not switch it up and try something a little…different? Stand out with an alternative style engagement ring with a hint of the classic style to make your mother-in-law happy. Pick and choose different characteristics and combine them for something unique and gorgeous!  Read more about: Alternatives to the Traditional Diamond Engagement Ring How about a gem that isn’t a diamond? Just because it’s an engagement ring doesn’t mean it has to be holding a diamond – other gems are just as Read More →

Maybe your girl wants something besides a glimmering diamond engagement ring. Maybe you are against the symbolic act of ownership that a wedding ring can represent, as that was its original intent. Or maybe you just simply want to try something different. Either way, there are several different wedding ring alternatives to choose from. Wedding Ring Tattoos — Have a ring tattooed on your ring finger in a sign of the ultimate commitment. Source: via EverDream on Pinterest   Tree Planting — Plant a tree and then propose to your loved on there. You can continue to visit this Read More →

Choosing an engagement ring can be a fun process, you have so many stones to choose from. You don’t have to have a diamond as an engagement ring as is commonly thought. In fact diamond engagement rings did not become popular until the 1920’s. More recently women have gravitated towards colored stones, especially sapphire engagement rings. Source: via EverDream on Pinterest   Prince William gave the newly wed Princess Catherine his mother’s Sapphire engagement ring. Prince William wanted to somehow include his beloved mother, Princes Diana, into the wedding. It made quite a stir when the ring was presented Read More →

Source: via EverDream on Pinterest Engagement Necklaces, Bracelets and Antique Jewelry IT’s all very creative, but can there really be a substitute for an engagement ring? The answer…. probably. It all depends on the recipient, don’t  you think. If you meet a woman who has an aversion to rings, or (shutter) diamonds, it becomes more than probable. Neclaces are cool because they are worn near the heart. This way of thinking makes them a rather romantic substitute for an engagemene ring. And if you think you can get creative with a ring, just imagine whats possible with a necklace! Bigger pieces, Read More →