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  Are you tired of the same old wedding anniversary gift ideas?  Or do you enjoy the traditional concepts but want to switch them up with a modern twist? Last month, the hot topic was traditional anniversary gifts, highlighting what is supposed to be given as a present each year. However, when it comes to shopping for your significant other’s gift, exploring anniversary ring alternatives is becoming the new trend. Choosing to go an alternate route opens up the possibilities to find something that reflects your wife or husband’s unique and personal style.  Instead of getting them a traditional anniversary Read More →

Many thoughts come to mind when I think of anniversary rings.  Is there actually formal etiquette for that? When is the right time to give an anniversary ring? What finger do you wear the ring on?  Should your anniversary ring match your wedding band and engagement ring?  What I’ve come to find and appreciate is that this really just depends on you and your partner. Anniversary rings are a modern alternative to traditional gifts such as wood or paper.  These special momentous rings are giving women the chance to wear something more colorful and modern in comparison to their traditional Read More →