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Antique engagement rings are starting to make there way back into fashion. Many jewelry designers replicate antique rings because of what an impact they have on the fashion world. Owning an antique ring can make your left ring finger the center of attention for longer than just your engagement! Some celebrities with Antique Style Engagement rings are Jessica Biel. The new trending sensation is to where a vintage styled piece. We think the hit british show Downton Abbey is to blame for vintage coming back into style. This category isn’t only to show you the amazing antique engagement rings, but there are also many auctions that sell antique pieces for insanely high amounts of money. This is an informative category to help you determine if vintage style or antique engagement rings are for you, or just to show you what certain people wear or pay for their jewels.

If your love with that special someone is like something out of a romance novel from the past, you probably want to celebrate your love with a vintage style. Vintage rings are the latest trend in engagement rings, and there are many different styles to choose from. The following are three things to look for when shopping around for vintage engagement rings. 3 Ways to Identify Vintage Engagement Rings Look at the shape of the main stone. The stone, most likely a diamond, will often have a particular shape that identifies the decade or period it is from. Consider the Read More →

A History Of Love in Each Stone As time progresses and technology puts everything right into society’s hands, there comes the need for a solid foundation in what is important. An engagement is one of those times when different things become important. One of the best ways to celebrate the long tradition of marriage and engagement is an antique engagement ring. Diamond Engagement Ring in a Platinum Setting Antique Jewelry becomes “Recycled Jewelry”.   Recycled Jewelry Today’s trends are leaning heavily toward antique jewelry in fashion. The vintage style can be seen this year in the engagements of Miranda Lambert, Read More →