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It is important to know the details of a diamond. Know your diamond cuts and know your diamond shapes. For example the way a diamond is cut can play a substantial role in the price. The shape is also a thing you want to make sure you know. Round cut diamonds are usually used for 78% of engagement ring which makes them higher priced because of the demand. The Four C’s is a necessity to know. If you do not know these you need to study them and then study some more. To put this in simpler terms. There are four factors that go into getting the PERFECT diamond. The factors all happen to start with a C. Carat Weight (how big is your diamond), Color (does it look yellow or transparent), Clarity (are there inclusions), Cut(has it been cut to perfection or is it rough). These characteristics can potentially alter the price of your engagement ring for better or for worse. Our one piece of advice is to do your research on diamonds. Luckily this category is interested in only informing you on what the perfect color for a diamond is, what the perfect clarity is and what carat weight and cut can make or break a diamond.

The 10 Diamond Shapes You’ll See In Engagement Rings Are you one of those people whom actually feel overwhelmed when it comes to engagement ring shopping?  Does the huge variety of options out there just feel like way too much sometimes? Many of us women actually don’t know all the details about diamonds and engagement rings so it comes without surprise, really, that this job of finding the perfect ring for you can be a daunting task. To help alleviate some of the stress. Today we’re going to cover the 10 different diamond shapes you’ll see in engagement rings.  Besides Read More →

Diamonds are one of Earths rare and most beautiful natural gifts to the universe. Something so precious and so rare must come straight from the ground like that right? Well not exactly. Diamonds go through a long and tedious process before they are sold in stores. They are formed deep down in the earth and undergo heat and tremendous pressure. They later are pushed twords the earth surface where they are then mined. After they are found, they are then cut and polished. First discovered in India as early as fourth century BC, diamonds were found in streams and rivers, Read More →

Bigger is better! Right? Well not in this case, diamonds can be very expensive to begin with, especially when they get bigger in size. However there are a few tricks to get that small diamond to look like a huge rock! The best part about it, is it doesn’t always require you to spend more cash! We have put together a few tips on how to make your stone look slightly larger while saving you some cash in the process. Cut: Its not the size that counts, but the cut of the diamond that really catches the eye. If you Read More →

If finding the perfect man wasn’t already hard enough, how would one find the perfect Diamond ring? When it comes to diamonds, the options are limitless, but it is very important to remember the four c’s when shopping for your ring; cut, color, carat, clarity. The simplest way that I have found is to start with the shape. Following, we have broken down some examples of the most popular Diamond shapes as well as some information on what to look for. Cut Round Diamonds are by far the most favored of diamond shapes. Representing over 75% of all diamonds sold, Read More →

Huge 232-Carat ‘Exceptional’ Diamond Mined in South Africa This is the year for diamonds. Recently, one of the most gorgeous pinkish-purple sparklers was discovered and getting ready for auction in October. A 3+ carat cushion cut stone that is said to rack in over $4 million dollars. Now, there is a new diamond coming in hot, a 232-carat rough diamond that gemologists are referring to as “exceptional”. This stone was mined at one of the most famous locations in South Africa, Cullinan. If you haven’t heard of Cullinan you may have been hiding under a large rock, no pun intended. Read More →

Gem Diamonds Unearths 198 Carat Rough Diamond in Lesotho Gem Diamonds recently found an exceptional 198-carat white diamond in Lesotho, which should bring in an “exceptional” profit when sold this year. The share for Gem Diamonds rose about 7% on the London Stock Exchange yesterday after this tremendous find. Diamond inspectors said the rough diamond shows no signs of fluorescents and is considered a good quality diamond! This diamond is a type IIa diamond. Type IIa diamonds are consist of being high values, and the most pure of diamonds. They hardly have any nitrogen, or none at all in the structure. Read More →

What is so Special About GIA Certification? So you are in the market for an engagement ring, but you don’t really understand what GIA is, means, or why you should even trust it. GIA is actually the number one trusted institute for diamond grading world-wide. There are extreme measures that go in to deciding the color, clarity, cut, and carat weight of your diamond. Most jewelers pride themselves on having GIA certified stones because it does make the value rise.  GIA mentions in a short video on their website that they have come up with 4 attributes that can grade Read More →

What You Didn’t Know About Diamonds 1. Diamonds conduct heat 5 times faster than copper. 2. Diamonds are the hardest substance on Earth, weighing in at an approximate 10 on the Mohs scale. 3. In the purest state, diamonds are colorless. 4. Yellow and Brown colored diamonds are the most common in the world. 5. Diamonds melt at 1292 degrees fahrenheit. 6. Less than 20% of diamonds mined are considered “gem-quality” diamonds! 7.  Red and Blue diamonds are the rarest color for diamonds. 8. Tremendous pressure and temperature deep under the ocean approximately 75 and 120 miles beneath the earth’s Read More →

Have you Seen Tiffany & Company’s Blue Book September 18th 1837 was a significant year for fashion jewelry. Charles Lewis Tiffany founded the couture jewelry store Tiffany & Co. The iconic blue box became an overnight sensation, even hundreds of years later our hearts skip a beat when we see the bluish green box put in front of our faces.  Starting in 1845, Tiffany & Co. published the illustrious “Blue Book”. This was a visual of one of a kind, immaculate designed rare jewels put together by only the best craftsman. This book is an annual presentation of the exceedingly Read More →

How to Learn Your Diamond Shapes Engagement ring shopping can become a tedious endeavor that most people find so complicated they refuse to become properly educated on the diamond phenomenon! We have compiled an easy list of diamond shapes for you so when choosing your perfect gem you will know all about it!  Round Diamond: This diamond shape is the most common among diamond cut. Approximately 80% of diamonds used in engagement rings are round. What makes these babies so common? The shape is very versatile and fits in practically any setting! Its circular shape makes it easy. Oval Cut Diamond: Oval Read More →