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It is important to know the details of a diamond. Know your diamond cuts and know your diamond shapes. For example the way a diamond is cut can play a substantial role in the price. The shape is also a thing you want to make sure you know. Round cut diamonds are usually used for 78% of engagement ring which makes them higher priced because of the demand. The Four C’s is a necessity to know. If you do not know these you need to study them and then study some more. To put this in simpler terms. There are four factors that go into getting the PERFECT diamond. The factors all happen to start with a C. Carat Weight (how big is your diamond), Color (does it look yellow or transparent), Clarity (are there inclusions), Cut(has it been cut to perfection or is it rough). These characteristics can potentially alter the price of your engagement ring for better or for worse. Our one piece of advice is to do your research on diamonds. Luckily this category is interested in only informing you on what the perfect color for a diamond is, what the perfect clarity is and what carat weight and cut can make or break a diamond.

Super Easy Tips to Test if Your Diamond is Real If you ever buy a diamond and have  doubts about whether it is authentic or not there are some easy remedies to ease your mind. Some tips to keep in mind for spotting a fake diamonds is that diamonds can scratch sandpaper or a sheet of glass. Some fakes are made more precise and professional so scraping it on various objects might not work. Also keep in mind that a real diamond does not show up on an X-ray scanner!It also doesn’t react to heat. Now some fun activities you Read More →

Budget on an Engagement Ring: Inexpensive Diamonds Shapes If you are looking to budget on an engagement ring, the best thing to do would be design your own ring. Personally pick out a metal setting that wont run you more than 500 dollars (basically any plain 14k yellow or white gold setting depending on the jeweler) then go to a reputable source that has a GIA certificate for a loose diamond. When a diamond is loose you can put it into the setting you’ve purchased! Here is a list of diamond shapes that are H in color, SI1 in clarity Read More →

The History of Diamonds Diamonds are the most natural thing created on the earth. It has one main ingredient and that’s carbon. A diamond is a natural makeup of crystalline carbon that has been brought to the earths surface by volcanic eruptions. The reason everyone crazes over these gemstones is because it is literally the hardest substance on earth. The only thing that can scratch a diamond is another diamond! Since these stones are so tough they are usually used in an industrial sense. The diamond acts as an abrasive tool in the world today. Diamonds can be dated back Read More →

Radiant engagement rings provide the flash of brilliant round diamond rings in a square cut. If you’re looking for an engagement ring style and aren’t sure if this is the right one for you, just keep reading! This helpful guide provides you with information on characteristics of the radiant cut, pros and cons, best settings for radiant cut engagement rings and some extra shopping tips. Is a Radiant Engagement Ring Right for You? Characteristics of the Radiant Cut: The radiant cut is a mixed cut, which combines the stunning beauty of the round brilliant with a square shape and trimmed Read More →

It’s okay if you can’t afford a huge diamond – there are a few ways you can actually make the diamond look even larger than it really is. Just use these techniques to give them a larger appearance than it’s true carat weight. How to Make Your Diamond Look Larger Than It Is Browse Fancy  Shapes: Fancy shaped gems typically seem larger than round diamonds of that have the same weight, especially ones with elongated shapes, such as marquise, oval and pear shaped versions. Choose a Pave-Set Ring: A pave setting is made up of small diamonds set side by side Read More →

Now that you’ve decided you want to ask the love of your life to marry you, it’s time for the next big step: the ring! Before you go and buy the shiniest ring in the display case, though, it’s important to know exactly how to shop for the best diamond. No worries, we’re here to give  you a lesson in the 4 Cs to make sure you know when you’ve found the perfect ring for your bride-to-be. A Lesson in the 4 Cs of Diamonds Cut: This describes the finish, proportion and polish of the diamond. The cut will determine Read More →

As you shop around for a diamond engagement ring to present to your girlfriend as you ask her to marry you, you will probably realize that you really don’t know the difference between Asschers and cushions. We are here to help you in your pursuit of the perfect engagement ring. There are 10 basic shapes to choose from, but these five are the most popular among the group. Go ahead and read through each one so that you can determine which shape will suit your bride-to-be. A Diamond Shape for Every Woman Round is for the Classic Girl:
Often referred to Read More →

What Is Diamond Clarity? Diamond clarity describes the absence or presence of flaws inside or on the surface of a diamond. A stone with perfect clarity is rare, and most flaws that do exist can’t be seen without seeing them through a jeweler’s magnifying loupe. A Lesson in Diamond Clarity Terms You Should Know: Diamond Inclusions: These are imperfections, or flaws, inside of a diamond. This includes tiny spots of white, black, or other colors or cracks. Flaws like these may cause no problems at all, but some could cause the stone to split. Diamond Blemishes: Blemishes are flaws on Read More →

As you shop for an engagement ring for the woman you plan on spending the rest of your life with, step away from traditional styles and consider something a little more unique: the Asscher cut. This particular style is for brides who love an antique style with a little extra sparkle. To help make your decision a little easier, here are some facts and pros and cons about this cut. Engagement Ring Spotlight On: the Asscher Cut Characteristics of the Cut: Basically, there are two types of Asscher cuts: the standard Asscher cut, which was created by Joseph Asscher in Read More →

Cluster engagements rings, just as the name says, clusters several diamonds together, creating a beautifully simple or fancy piece of jewelry with endless possibilities. This style ring is a great alternative to the traditional solitaire ring, not only because it is unique and special, but it’s also significantly less money. Spotlight On: Cluster Engagement Rings Creating a Cluster. The majority of cluster rings are formed using round brilliant diamonds and features a prong setting. Prong settings are typically used because it allows the jeweler to set the stones side by side, often with shared prongs. However, another common style is Read More →