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Weddings can get pretty expensive. There are so many events you have to take into account besides the actual wedding. There is the rehearsal dinner, the reception, the engagement dinner, engagement party, bachelor and bachelorette party, etc. Putting your own personal touch on these events will not only have your wedding be the talk of the town, but it will also show your guests that you actually care and wanted to let them know you put time and effort into making your celebration their celebration as well. DIY can also help when you are on a tight budget. One thing that we love is the idea of using mason jars as glasses. These can be found at thrift stores for less than a dollar. Sometimes relatives will just give you them! The great things about these glasses is they don’t need to exactly match! They just need to look alike from a far. We list tons of recipes for drinks you can add to your menu and whip up hours before the ceremony. Other great ideas is to make mini goodie bags full of treats for your guests to take home. We believe weddings should be a celebration where your guests feel like they are treated in a hospitable manner. Another great DIY tip we like to share is beauty tips. Preparing for your wedding doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. Facials, scrubs and rehydrating your skin can be done from the comfort of your couch!

20 Outdoor Wedding Cheats That Will Save the Day So you want to throw a wedding that is going to knock the socks off your guests, but you also want to stay in a reasonable budget. Outdoor weddings are one of the hardest types to pull off. Don’t worry we have got you covered! Here is a list of 20 outdoor wedding cheats that will help make your guests think you are the expert at planning weddings! 1. Stones for Bridesmaids: So heels are obviously what looks the best for a wedding, but standing outside doesn’t always mean pavement. If Read More →

Easy DIY Manicures to Show of Your Engagement Ring So you just got engaged! Congratulations! Now its time to show off that sparkler, but you don’t want to look like your nails just got out of a wood chipper, you need a manicure. Here are some amazing and easy DIY manni’s you can try at home! 1. The Ombre Glitter Nail –Step 1: start with a base coat, our favorite is Orly Bonder. It will keep your manicure on forever (not literally, but for a very long time). –Step 2: apply your favorite shade of glitter (silver would look really Read More →

DIY Drinks for Cocktail Hour So you want to have some do it yourself drinks at your wedding during cocktail hour? Depending on the venue you should be able to do this, just use the vendors liquors. This will bring an intimate setting for your guests to connect!  Strawberry Vodka Mixed Drink The first drink on the list is a Strawberry Vodka mixed drink. This drink is de-lic-ous! This recipe is intended for about 2 pints, if you need to make more just double up the recipe. Items you will need: 1 Bottle of vodka (any brand) Strawberries Coffee filter Read More →

How to Clean Your Jewelry Most people think you need high-tech equipment to clean your luxurious jewels, when in reality you can get that sparkly new look right at home! All that you need is some at-home supplies!  Gold Jewelry What you will need Drying Cloth or Towel Liquid Dishwasher Soap A toothbrush For 15 minutes you want to keep your gold jewelry in a soapy solution. It should consist of 2 cups of warm water and a couple of drops of liquid dishwasher soap. Once it has soaked go ahead and take it out and give it a good Read More →

Easy to Do DIY Tips and Tricks Spray Chalk A fun activity you can do at your wedding or event is side walk chalk art. One of the most annoying things about sidewalk chalk though is that dry sensation you get from holding it in your hand. What if there was a way to put chalk in a spray bottle…and make it yourself. Do it yourself Spray Chalk is not only easy to make, but super affordable! Start by taking a big liquid measuring cup mix exactly 1/2 a cup of water and 1/2 a cup of corn starch and Read More →

3 DIY Drinks to Serve at Your Wedding Beverages are a necessity for a wedding and making them yourself not only cuts down the cost, but lets your guests feel more personally connected to you! Here are three drinks that are sure to make your guests eager to find out the recipe!  1. Blackberry Mojito If you are having a summer wedding a refreshing way to keep your guests hydrated is serving them a fruity twist on the classic mint mojito. This is an easy recipe and can be made in less than 10 minutes! Ingredients You Will Need: 4 Read More →

Do it Yourself Wedding Ideas!   Want to add some personal crafts to your special day, but don’t know where to even start! Here is a compilation of crafty ideas that can help make your wedding stand out! 1. Drinks Most couples have different tastes in drinks, men like the darker liquors such as whiskey, spiced rum, etc. Women on the other hand want a more feminine drink such as cosmopolitans and mixed fruity drinks. Making a compilation sign on saying HIS and the other saying HERS and the drinks that you are offering is a cute way to make sure Read More →