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Many people assume because diamonds are the hardest substance on earth and metal is pretty sturdy as well that you don’t have to take special precautions with their ring. Here is some easy to do and home remedy solutions to caring for your engagement ring. We know all the inexpensive and smartest way to clean and care for your ring. Did you know that you shouldn’t wear your ring in the shower because it can cause a build up of soap? You don’t always have to go to your jeweler to have them steam your ring clean again. You can learn home remedies and solutions for cleaning. Caring for your ring is much like cleaning, but you also have to be aware of the things that can harm a ring too. Engagement Ring Guru makes content that are easy to read and easy to do for the safety of your precious ring!

He’s popped the question, finally! Take a look at your finger and replay that beautiful moment in your head when he asked for your hand in marriage. Now, snap back to reality. Yes, you’re ring is beautiful and perfect, but it takes some effort to keep that brilliant shine. If you want that symbol of love to last forever, I suggest you check out this list of how to take care of your engagement ring. Cleaning: It’s really simple. Just soak the ring in warm water for at least 30 minutes with liquid detergent. You could also soak your ring in Read More →