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Simple Engagement Ring Ideas for the Classic Bride While some of us can’t get over the Halo style engagement ring trend, let’s face it – sometimes too much bling is just too much for some brides and brides-to-be. If you find yourself eying solitaire settings and gravitating towards engagement rings that only feature a center diamond, you probably fall into this category. Solitaire engagement rings give off a classic and timeless look that has been admired for decades.  A lot of times, less is more, and that’s definitely the case with these simple engagement rings that exude iconic beauty (without Read More →

The timeless pear shape diamond. While some people have tried to label this elegant diamond shape archaic, that’s far from the truth.  Pear diamond engagement rings have been a classic staple for decades. What makes pear diamonds truly unique, is that each diamond is cut and shaped slightly different from the next.  There are short pear diamonds, elongated pear diamonds, I think you get where I’m going with this. Another great thing about pear diamond engagement rings?  You can get more carat weight at a lower price than you would pay for a round brilliant  diamond.  The shape of pear Read More →

Alright, so by now you’ve probably heard the big news.  Robert Kardashian popped the big question to girlfriend Blac Chyna and can I just say one thing – #RINGGOALS! The youngest of the Kardashian clan, and only member to carry on the Kardashian last name, proposed to Blac Chyna with a 7ct round brilliant VVS diamond.  With a wedding underway, and a baby, Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian have a lot to look forward to this upcoming year. If you’re a solitaire engagement ring fan like myself, check out these round brilliant beauties similar to Blac Chyna’s impressive 7ct diamond Read More →

For decades, when couples wanted to go get married they would make a list of a few jewelry stores they wanted to visit, would go to browse a variety of engagement rings, and ultimately pick the jeweler and ring that spoke to them most, that fit within their budget, offered special incentives, or had some type of great life warranty. Don’t get me wrong – this is still is a big occurrence of what goes on today.  The online world has made it easy for products to be at consumer’s fingertips – engagement rings, wedding bands and bridal jewelry included. Read More →

  Tiffany & Co. is a name familiar to many.  So it comes as no surprise that when it’s time to pop the big question, Tiffany & Co. is always at the top of a bride-to-be’s wish list.  After browsing the infamous “Tiffany Setting” and the rest of the engagement ring collection, you might find yourself  re-thinking life choices – just kidding! But you may be questioning why is the price so expensive?  Well to start, let’s first clarify a few things.  First is Tiffany & Co. expensive? Yes. Overpriced? No. Whether it’s Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Rolex, Gucci, or Read More →

Tiffany & Co. Executive Ingrid Lederhaas-Okun stole more than 165 jewelry pieces which was of over $2 million dollars in value. She had been taking items since 2008 and finally was convicted December 23rd. Lederhaas-Okun pleaded guilty back in July and has been awaiting sentencing. She received 366 days in jail with a $250,000 bail. Tiffany & Co. gave many privileges to their executive staff including checking out jewelry temporarily. Instead of putting items back on the floor Lederhaas-Okun reported the jewelry as damaged or missing. Tiffany’s didn’t catch on until February 2013 and terminated her immediately. Some items that Read More →