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Engagement ring trends change throughout the given years. Depending on what is a trending topic can either make or break your decision on what type of ring you want. Right now the latest trend is to have a vintage style engagement ring. People love the look of having an antique piece. Television and movies can help alter what is trending. With the major release of The Great Gatsby and TV shows such as Downton Abbey, the public has been altered to wanting more 19th century styled jewelry rather than current modern styles. Another trend is round diamonds. Round diamonds are in such high demand that they have become the most expensive diamond shape you can buy! We constantly are updating every few months and most definitely every year so our trends stay current. Besides just telling you what is trending we show you the sites you are able to find and purchase the ring of your dreams.

Engagement Ring Selfie Instagram Takeover July 2016 Back with another installment of the best engagement ring selfies of July 2016.  As the engagement ring guru, it’s order job to keep our loyal engagement ring lovers up to speed with the latest and trendiest engagement ring inspo. So take a break from browsing your favorite Pinterest boards for inspiration (even though you may come across these beauties on their also) and check out the hottest engagement ring selfies of 2016! A recap of some of my faves to follow on Instagram are @TheKnot, @TheDiamondGirl and of course our sister accounts @RaymondLeeJwlrs, Read More →

The timeless pear shape diamond. While some people have tried to label this elegant diamond shape archaic, that’s far from the truth.  Pear diamond engagement rings have been a classic staple for decades. What makes pear diamonds truly unique, is that each diamond is cut and shaped slightly different from the next.  There are short pear diamonds, elongated pear diamonds, I think you get where I’m going with this. Another great thing about pear diamond engagement rings?  You can get more carat weight at a lower price than you would pay for a round brilliant  diamond.  The shape of pear Read More →

Do you ever find yourself browsing the latest engagement ring trends and think “I wouldn’t wear any of these!”.  On the other hand, maybe classic engagement ring styles just aren’t up your alley. Don’t you worry though, there are plenty of unique engagement rings that speak to the non-traditional brides.  There are so many fun engagement ring alternatives when it comes to mixing and matching colored diamonds, open bypass designs, intricate detailing, you name it. For all my distinct ladies in the place, check out some of the top 15 unique engagement rings for the non traditional bride. Elongated Cushion Read More →

Rose Gold Engagement Rings are on the come up!  A popular trend for sure, these rose gold rings have been getting a lot more attention lately from our brides-to-be.  All the right attention might I add. So what makes these pink hues with bling so great?  One of the reason most ladies are falling in love with rose gold engagement rings are 1. They’re unique, even if a classic solitaire is  your thing, opting for a rose gold metal adds a different touch you won’t see in many other places. And 2, they make it easy to mix and match Read More →

Have you ever given some thought as to how you wear your engagement ring?  I know it seems like a silly question, right?  Of course you wear it on your left ring finger with your wedding band. But have you really explored different fun ways to rock and wear your wedding rings?  Well if not – no worries! That’s what we’re here to do today. The latest craze when it comes to wearing your wedding band and engagement ring has been the “stackable” trend.  Brides are opting for an extra diamond band for an anniversary gift, making it easy to Read More →

All hail Tiffany & Co.! Back again with a post on one of my favorite designers, the one and only, Tiffany & Co.  Over the last few months we’ve explored how to spot a Tiffany fake through tips like checking the coloring of the iconic Tiffany & Co. blue box, checking the Tiffany & Co. font, verifying the high quality of materials used, and making sure those links on the Tiffany & Co. link bracelet are perfectly symmetrical in shape. If you’re a Tiffany fan like me, you’ll also want to check out how Tiffany & Co. rings have evolved Read More →

The Rose Gold Engagement Ring Warm tones of pink and rose really make it easy for a rose gold engagement ring to look good on just about anyone’s skin tone.     The Perfect Pear Shape Diamond Engagement Ring Everyone can appreciate the beauty of a stunning pear shape diamond.   The Stunning Double Halo Engagement Ring Because one sometimes is simply not enough!  I mean would you say no to exquisite engagement rings like these?   The Alluring Engagement Ring Stack These are definitely ON trend!  Stackable rings allow you to add your own personal touch to your engagement Read More →

Move on over diamond engagement rings, sapphires are here to steal the show.  Lately, there’s been an increase in sapphire popularity when it comes to choosing a center stone for your engagement ring.  Women are starting to take an alternative approach opting for these vivid gemstones in place of diamonds. Regal and vibrant blue hues are the first two things that come to mind when I think of sapphires.  Sapphire engagement rings are offering an original and offbeat option. Digging a little deeper, a lot of women end up opting for sapphire gemstones because they are a more ethical alternative Read More →