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Engagement ring trends change throughout the given years. Depending on what is a trending topic can either make or break your decision on what type of ring you want. Right now the latest trend is to have a vintage style engagement ring. People love the look of having an antique piece. Television and movies can help alter what is trending. With the major release of The Great Gatsby and TV shows such as Downton Abbey, the public has been altered to wanting more 19th century styled jewelry rather than current modern styles. Another trend is round diamonds. Round diamonds are in such high demand that they have become the most expensive diamond shape you can buy! We constantly are updating every few months and most definitely every year so our trends stay current. Besides just telling you what is trending we show you the sites you are able to find and purchase the ring of your dreams.

It’s time to pick out an engagement ring, but which metal should you choose? Here’s a little information about each metal to help you make your decision. Platinum: This natural white metal is known for how strong and pure it is. It’s durable, so it’s sure to keep your diamond or gemstone nice and safe and is hypoallergenic so it won’t irritate sensitive skin. Yellow Gold/White Gold: This naturally yellow metal is 70 to 75 percent pure and is turned into white gold when the surface is plated with rhodium. This means, though, that eventually the coating can wear off Read More →

Your engagement ring and wedding band should complement each other, but sometimes it’s hard to find ones that go together. Here are a couple of ideas to help you in your search. Simple Solitaire – This style ring is the most versatile to match with a wedding band. However, placing a simple solitaire next to a thin pavé diamond band will give it a little extra sparkle. Pavé Band – Whether your engagement ring features an eternity or half-eternity diamond band, a simple gem-free wedding band will allow your ring to be the head-turner. Three-Stone – Pair your three-stone engagement Read More →

Remember the days when the thing to do at a wedding reception was to have a tasting station or use bold, bright jewel tones all over the reception space? Well, thankfully times have changed. From quirky to classy, here are the top six wedding trends of 2012. 1. Terrarium centerpieces Want your wedding to really stand out? Instead of over-the-top flower arrangements and candelabras, opt for a beautiful terrarium centerpiece. Not only is this unique, but it’s a great conversation starter. These work best if you have a few together with a few blooms and a touch of greenery inside Read More →

Every year fashion and the style of women is changing, meaning that engagement ring trends are constantly changing, too. Here is a list of what women find to be the most stylish engagement rings of 2012. Style 1: Pavé Diamonds With this pavé setting, tiny, faceted, fully cut stones are put incredibly close together so  the metal around them isn’t visible. Style 2: Antique Engagement Rings Antique engagement rings have become extremely popular this season. Vintage-inspired rings typically have an Old European round center cut diamond, though some have a beautiful Asscher cut as well. These rings also feature scroll-like Read More →

Wedding Trends of 2012 It seems as though lately couples are opting for more trendy rather than traditional details when it comes to their big day. Here are some of the more daring ideas that we’ve seen this summer. From tweet-engraved rings to faux flowers, not all of these trends are right for every couple, but they certainly are different! Reimagined Rings Engraving wedding rings is old news, but lately couples are taking it a step further than traditional messages. People are stamping their rings with their own fingerprints or personal tweets to personalize their wedding bands. Eccentric Invites Wedding Read More →

Whether you aren’t engaged or already have your ring, there’s no harm in checking out the gorgeous modern or vintage engagement ring trends of 2012. Take a look at what’s hot this year. Here they are: Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends of 2012 Classic Color There are all kinds of colors to choose from when looking for the right ring. Rings such as Kate Middleton’s sapphire ring made women go wild over colored gemstones this year. From pink-hued diamonds to rubies and sapphires to mandarin garnets, you can’t go wrong going with a colored engagement ring.   Texture Now, this trend has Read More →