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Do you know what kind of wedding band you want? Do you want to explore the option of eternity bands? Eternity bands are a style of wedding rings that are diamonds encircling the entire ring. There are so many different diamond shapes that can be used in an eternity band. The most common shape is the round brilliant diamond. These rings can be more expensive than a normal wedding ring because of the carat weight. It can be hard to decide which eternity band you want depending on what your engagement ring looks like. In some rare cases couples can’t choose an eternity ring because it doesn’t complement the engagement ring. We can discover the styles together. If you are going to have a solitaire round diamond engagement ring, we would suggest getting a round diamond eternity band. One tip is whatever your main stone is make sure the eternity band matches that. It may not look right if you have a baguette eternity ring and a round pave set diamond engagement ring. Lets say you have a gemstone as your center stone. There are gemstone eternity bands as well as diamond eternity bands with gemstone accents!

Diamond wedding bands, diamond eternity bands, I’ll take two please!  Diamond wedding bands are known for complimenting your stunning diamond engagement ring, since most of us wives wear them together.  Lately, brides (and non-brides) are using their diamond wedding bands and diamond rings as regular everyday fashion pieces. This diamond ring look and stacked style is definitely a favorite trend of mine. Wearing a few diamond wedding bands on two or three fingers everyday really adds a simple fashionable look to any outfit. With that being said, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite alternative diamond wedding bands that totally Read More →

Back at it again with the infamous Tiffany & Co. brand.  If you’re a jewelry aficionado you’re pretty familiar with the iconic jewelry store and company already.  Tiffany & Co. was introduced to the world over a century ago by founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany. The “Tiffany Setting” diamond engagement ring was created in the late 1800s and is the well-known design Tiffany & Co. is recognized by.  More than likely if you’ve seen a Tiffany & Co. engagement ring you’ve witness all the greatness that comes along with this distinguished setting. The Tiffany Setting has played a large role in Read More →

Searching for a Matching Wedding Band can be a grueling task, when you find the perfect ring you also have to think about that perfect compliment, the wedding band. Although we look at these amazing engagement rings and then just assume any wedding band will work, that’s not quite right. Picking the perfect wedding band to match your engagement ring is a strategic process, but have no fear engagementgurus is here. The first type of wedding band that looks almost perfect with a solitaire engagement ring is the three prong wedding band.This band is basically made to custom fit your Read More →

Some Types of Eternity Rings Eternity rings have been seen on the fingers of many women in a variety of  different arrangements and styles. Though the general appearance of the eternity ring is quite simple to spot, there are definitely variations to the piece. A symbol of everlasting love, the eternity ring is something that is extremely important to the woman wearing it. Luckily, there are a few cool ways to show it off:   Traditional (“Full- Eternity”)  The band of a traditional eternity ring will be fully covered by whichever gem or stone you happen to choose. This style is much more classic Read More →