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As the economy fluctuates most people become concerned on how much money they are willing to pay for jewelry, or how much they even have to budget for a ring. Financing can be a piece of cake if you take the proper steps. We have made a category to help you step by step figure out how to finance your engagement ring or piece of jewelry. Most jewelry stores do give out loans, but if this isn’t a road you want to travel down there are also ways to cut down the cost of your engagement ring without losing the entire ring! Becoming well informed is the best thing a person can do. We cannot stress enough how much of a difference doing a small amount of research can do! Read this category to find out smart ways for you to save and still get her the ring of her dreams.

When it comes time to propose to the woman you love, you want to give her a ring that will wow her, but you do not want to spend too much. Luckily, there are many ways that you can save money when shopping for engagement rings—you just have to be willing to exercise a bit of creativity. Discount Engagement Ring Options If you do not mind purchasing a used ring, a pawnshop or antique shop can offer a wide selection of rings at amazing prices. One of the best things about shopping at this type of retailer is that you Read More →

Your future wife is going to be wearing the engagement ring that you propose to her with for the rest of her life, so choosing one that represents her style and your love for her at the same time is paramount. It’s a difficult task to find the right ring, though, when everything you are drawn to is out of your price range. Here are a few tips to help you as you shop around for an engagement ring to fit your love’s style and your budget. 3 Tips for Buying an Engagement Ring on a Budget Evaluate modern and Read More →

It can be disheartening seeing the price tags on engagement rings. But, you don’t have to empty out your wallet to get just the right ring for your girl. Here are a 3 ways to save money on an engagement ring, so you don’t break the bank  when out and about shopping for the perfect one. 3 Ways to Save Money on an Engagement Ring 1. Forget the diamond mindset. There’s no reason to insist on a diamond engagement ring. There are other gemstones out there that aren’t as expensive and just as beautiful. Or, if you absolutely need a Read More →

It can be really stressful going shopping for an engagement ring for the woman you hope to one day call your wife – especially when you’re shopping on a budget. Most men see an engagement ring as a symbol of just how much you love your bride-to-be, but it’s not something you should go into debt over. Here are a few tips to help you shop for an engagement ring if you have a tight budget. How to Buy an Engagement Ring on a Budget Know your budget: You’ve probably heard that you need to spend about two month’s salary on Read More →

What should an Engagement Ring Cost? Have you ever heard a man say that? Yep… Here’s that question and a few others we hear a lot ~ How can you help him find the right ring? You want the fairy-tale wedding and the romantic proposal, but he’ll need something to put in that box when he gets down on one knee. While ring-shopping together isn’t exactly traditional it’s a good way to show him what styles appeal to you and for you both to feel out an appropriate engagement ring cost. Besides, marriage is a partnership- doesn’t it make sense to Read More →