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Jewelry with a cause is a category designed to give you a detailed description of charities high end designer jewelry brands have done to raise money for a great cause. This is also the sanctuary where we post about auctions or big events that are held to raise money and donated. Usually auctions are held and make large amounts of money. We like to keep the general public informed about this because it not only raises awareness that buying jewelry for charity can make a difference, but to show you how much things sold for and what that money did to make a difference.

How to Spot Fake Tiffany & Co. Jewelry So you just purchased some Tiffany & Co. jewelry and it seems a bit out of the ordinary to you. First thing is to check the packaging, the Tiffany blue has hints of green, the blue is more of a sea foam coloration. The fake packaging is usually more of a blue/teal color. If you are buying Tiffany from a pre-owned jewelry store or estate boutique and the original box and papers does not come with the jewelry piece there are other ways of spotting the fakes apart from the real. Here Read More →

Technology Takes a Turn in The Right Direction: 3D Jewelry Printing 3D printing is one of the most innovative creations of our time. Up until recently the technology only went as far as printing small pieces of cartilage and various clothing like underwear. Recently introduced this year was precious metal jewelry printing. New York metal fabricator company Cooksongold which is also a global supplier teamed up with 3D printing company A3DM. The partnership plans on bringing precious metal printing to North America. The partnership was just announced during the MJSA Expo New York, which wrapped up this Tuesday. The outcome Read More →

New Years Snow in Chicago Costs Jeweler $151,000 Ever taken a gamble you were 99.9% sure you would win? Rich and Peggy Bennett, owners of P.K. Bennett in Chigago made a promise to customers if it snowed 3.5 inches by noon on New Years all holiday jewelry would be free. According to the National Weather Service it snowed 3.7 inches which lost Bennett’s company $151,000! Bennett says he is happy to lose the gamble, it helps his business out tremendously. He is even set to have a champagne party for his customers. Prior to New Years Bennett launched a promotion, Read More →

Today is a day dedicated to giving back. Why not find the most treasured earth day inspired pieces online and try to make a difference by spreading awareness. John Hardy is a famous jewelry designer who has come out with a line of product to help protect the environment. For every bracelet that has been purchased, trees were planted in appreciation! These bracelets are made out of bamboo material and are concretely designated for charity purposes. Raymond Lee Jewelers is an estate jewelry store located in Boca Raton that has an assortment of these John Hardy Bracelets! Another earthy investment Read More →