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Shopping for your man can be a tricky process. Although guys act like they don’t care they usually give us women a hard time when we are trying to decide on a wedding band. The hard thing with wedding bands is they have to match your significant others ring as well as your engagement ring. Finding that perfect match can be impossible without a little help! We post ways you can save on your wedding bands and what deals and steals you can get from various sources. Sometimes finding a designer jewelry wedding band is the best options. We would recommend going to an estate jewelry where pieces are previously owned. They have a large selection of Cartier, Tiffany & Co. and more well known name brands. Your perfect wedding band doesn’t have to leave you broke. We are dedicated in helping you figure out what it is that you are looking for in a wedding band. The great thing is there is a plethora of styles. Eternity bands are band rings with diamonds around the whole ring, these rings cannot be sized unfortunately, but they are breathtaking on. It is easy to match with your man because all you need for him is the same metal color!

Taking a break from our blingy engagement rings today and switching it up with… Tacori Men’s Wedding Bands! Most of the time when we think of ring shopping, finding your favorite engagement ring is the hot topic.  Oftentimes, we don’t really even think about our men’s wedding band until after the proposal. Tacori is a brand that has continued to grow in popularity as being the favored designer line in the bridal jewelry industry.  So it was only right to compile a list of the the Top 10 Tacori Men’s Wedding Bands of 2016. Finding your man the perfect ring Read More →

Congratulations on getting your man to get down on one knee! He’s almost yours forever, your just waiting for your big day to arrive, but what about the wedding bands? Cant forget about the rings! Finding your man the perfect ring for your budget can be a task that one just simply doesn’t have time to deal with in the midst of all the caious. We have put together a guide in which will take you through all the metals that are possible for your future husband. Platinum Platinum is the most popular choice for wedding rings due to its durability, Read More →

You never really hear about how much of a task it is to find a wedding ring for your man, but this mind set leads to a lack of preparation and confusion when it comes to making decisions about the ring. Before you go shopping for a wedding band for your band, here are a few things you should know to simplify the process. A Guide to Men’s Wedding Bands Traditional vs. Modern The first thing you should consider when you shop for a wedding band is whether he will prefer a traditional ring or something a little more unconventional. Read More →

When you’re shopping for a wedding ring for your man, one of the most important things you need to consider is the metal that will be used for the ring. Before making this decision, though you need to think of the advantages and disadvantages that come with each type of metal. You should learn more about the durability, color, care requirements and cost associated with each. Then you can choose which metal works best for the taste and lifestyle of your future hubby. The Best Metals for Men’s Wedding Rings Traditional Choices Gold is the most traditional metal choice for Read More →

As you search for a wedding band for your man, you have to consider the kind of metal that should be used that is right for your man. The two metals that are most typical among wedding bands are platinum and titanium, but before you make your decision, there are some benefits and downfalls you need to consider for each. Weighing Your Options with Platinum and Titianium Platinum: This is a white metal and is one of the most expensive of all of the metals. This is for good reason, though, considering it is incredibly durable and strong. Platinum rings Read More →

For men, choosing a wedding band to symbolize the lifetime of love between he and his wife can be a pretty overwhelming task. I mean, you are going to be wearing it the rest of your life, so you need to make sure the ring you get is something you will always love. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you shop around. 5 Tips for Choosing Mens Wedding Bands What kind of lifestyle do you have? If you do manual labor every day, you will want a ring that is durable for your work. However, if Read More →

Trendy Wedding Bands for Men Men’s Wedding Bands are one of my favorite things to write about. For the fellas out there looking to stand out and keep up with the latest fashion trends, here are wedding bands you need to consider as you get ready to watch your bride walk down the aisle. Don’t stick with the same old boring gold wedding band, make a statement and show off your style and masculinity with one of these hot trends of the year. Source: via Raymond on Pinterest Black rings: Black bands are sleek and sexy compared to the typical gold and silver rings Read More →

  These days, it’s not enough to get your future hubby just some plain old ring. No, now you have to get creative with your wedding band choices. I mean, you don’t want your man to be stuck with some drab ring for as long as you both shall live now, do you? Check out these 4 wedding band trends that the love of your life will be proud to wear! Top 4 Men’s Wedding Band Trends of 2012 Personalized Wedding Bands. Don’t just go for the typical gold one-size-fits-all wedding band. Every man is different. Does your guy spend Read More →