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It can be really hard to shop for your woman, guys! Engagement Ring Gurus knows exactly what your lady wants. Even though guys think they know exactly what to get their girlfriend about 50% of the time it isn’t what she wanted at all. Women are a different species than men. We want something person, yet stylish. The most important gift to shop for is the engagement ring and wedding band. This is a crucial gift to get help with. If you don’t ask the right friends or family of your potential bride to be, the ring can possibly be shoved back in your face. Did you know that 27% of women reject a proposal because they don’t like the engagement ring? It can sometimes be a make it or break it kind of deal. When you are shopping for a ring remember to compromise color and clarity for a bigger size. Women love big diamonds! If you are looking to budget on a ring there are different styles that give the impression the center stone is bigger than it actually is. For example getting a pave set diamond ring will make the center stone appear twice the size! There are so many characteristics that go into buying an engagement ring, guys! Let us help you distinguish what a good present is opposed to a bad one!

How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring For Her So you are finally ready to take that final step with your significant other, but you don’t even know where to start on buying the engagement ring! We can help you with this! Buying an engagement ring can be a grueling task, you don’t know if she will like it and you also don’t know what the right price of a diamond ring should be! Rule 1: Shop Around Don’t buy a ring from the first place you look! Diamond rings are sold at any jewelry retailer, you can shop around Read More →

How to Make a Diamond Appear Larger Diamonds are one of the most fascinating natural occurrences on this earth. They not only give jewelry that extra push to look spectacular, but they can also be easily manipulated to appear larger or smaller depending on what engagement ring setting you choose. Now there are some valuable things you need to remember when designing the perfect ring for her. 1. If you are going to settle on color and clarity DO NOT get a yellow gold setting! 2. If the diamond isn’t large make sure it is mounted in a pave set Read More →

How to Design Your own Engagement Ring for Less  Many people assume that because you are making your engagement ring custom it is going to cost you a fortune. In all actuality you are going to be saving thousands if you decide to customize your own engagement ring. The first step: Choose the setting you want for your ring. Most jewelry stores have a display of diamond mounting with the stone missing. Another option that some jewelry stores offer is taking the diamond out of its setting and selling you just the mounting. One you have the overall design of Read More →

How to Find Out Her Ring Size If you want to plan a surprise proposal for your girlfriend or you just want to get her a ring as a gift, it can be a confusing and stressful process in finding her ring size. There are 4 main things you can do to find out her size without making her aware you are going to propose. The photo above can be used as reference if you have a ring that is her size. Just simply place it over the corresponding circle and that should be her true fit. The first thing Read More →

If you’re shopping for rings, then a vital factor to consider before you head to the jewelry store is to know your ring size. If the band is too tight, the flesh around the ring will bulge and hurt, while a ring that is too loose could slide right off of your finger. Finding out the right ring size is a necessity whether you are purchasing a cocktail ring for yourself or an engagement ring for your girlfriend. This is very important if you order a ring online rather than trying it on in a shop. How to Find Your Read More →

You probably have plenty running through your mind now that you’ve decided to propose to your beau, but one of those things shouldn’t be worrying about starting off your marriage in debt. We’ve all heard the old “two months salary” rule – but frankly, that’s an old school mindset. You may believe that the amount of money that you spend on an engagement ring directly correlates to how devoted you are to your bride-to-be, but this just isn’t the case. Spend an amount of money that you feel comfortable with. Here are a few tips to help you stay on Read More →

Don’t get caught up in all of the hoopla when you go engagement ring shopping – there are no set rules or standards as you shop! There are plenty of myths floating around about what to do when shopping for an engagement ring, but we’re here to put those myths to rest. 5 Myths About Engagement Ring Shopping Myth: Engagement ring shopping is a stressful and frightening shopping experience. Fact: Look at engagement ring shopping like buying a new car. It can be fun! You should explore all options. Just as you research cars that have the best fuel efficiency, Read More →

As if making the decision to ask your girlfriend to marry you wasn’t overwhelming enough, now you have to worry about making sure you have the right ring size! Don’t freak out, there are plenty of ways you can figure this out. Some require a little more work and sneakiness than others, but think of it as an adventure! 5 Ways to Find Her Ring Size The cheap way of getting out of this situation is to just ask your girlfriend flat out what size ring she wears. Sure, the element of surprise is gone, but at least you got Read More →

If you and your man have been talking about getting married, he probably is under a lot of pressure and feeling overwhelmed with finding the right ring for the right girl. To make things easier on him and to make sure you are getting exactly what you want, here are a few ways to let him know exactly what engagement ring you want. 5 Ways to Get the Engagement Ring You Really Want Show Him a Picture: Try and find a way to cleverly show him a picture of your favorite setting, cut, and style. You could leave up a Read More →

Recently, yellow gold has taken a back seat to the increasingly popular white gold and platinum when it comes to engagement rings. Sure, white gold and platinum might look very similar, however there are some differences between the two.  Let’s take a look at the battle of gold vs. platinum and learn some of the details. A Battle of the Metals: White Gold vs. Platinum White Gold:  White gold rings are alloys with varying degrees of purity. White gold is actually made by mixing gold with silver or palladium. When white gold rings are made, they are coated with another Read More →