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One of our favorite things in the world is the proposal! The story of how you were asked to become engaged can be the most magical story ever! Some people go up and beyond to make the question the center of attention. One guy shelled out 45k to propose to his girlfriend. He took her to a fancy restaurant and they even traveled as far as to Europe! The stories of the proposal give people inspiration so that they can hopefully reenact a similar proposal themselves. We love stories from our viewers as well. This is the category where stories about your personal proposal story will be published. We have an email that we occasionally post so that you can get in touch with us and leave us a first person story about how your significant other asked. Proposals are the newest wedding trend. There are TV episodes dedicated to pranking your loved one into thinking you’re cheating when in all actuality you are getting ready to propose! People also have been making flash mobs and dances up to spread the word that they want to marry you! We love the imaginative ways people propose and we know you do too!

Source: via EverDream on Pinterest Ways To Propose – Creative Ways to Give an Engagement Ring There are some fun ways to ask your mate to marry you. Some are HUGE in scope, like this video gone viral of an insanely cool proposal! Share this video on Facebook Many people have had the marriage proposal done in a baseball ball stadium, or football stadium where they have the proposal written on the message board at the game, or in a movie theater you can run an ad that plays before a movie you are going to see. There are Read More →

Ladies – We’ve all dreamt of the day that Prince Charming would sweep us off our feet and we would all live happily ever after. Let’s face the facts – a fairy tale like that only happens in the movies. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember six great marriage proposals from the silver screen. “Gone With the Wind” (1939): Rhett Butler isn’t the most subtle guy in the world, which is why he gets down on one knee and insists that a drunken Scarlett O’Hara should marry him. Scarlett refuses, but Rhett then smothers her with a Read More →

Not every person is satisfied with the same old engagement ring in the champagne glass at a fancy restaurant proposal. For those of you looking for something a little more out of the box, here are some ideas to make that special night one to remember. Think about what kind of personality you have as a couple. Are you itching for adventure? Try popping the question in a hot air balloon! Consider all of the characteristics the two of you share and go from there. Are you and your honey a little more quirky? A scavenger hunt is perfect for Read More →

Matt Grevers Proposes Leave it to a Gold Medalist to raise the bar for everyone else! And Matt Grevers did it with style ~ If you’ve been trying to catch your fair share of the Summer Olympic Games streaming all the way from London this year, you might’ve heard of U.S. Olympic swimmer, Matt Grevers. He set a record in this year’s Olympic 100-meter backstroke, and has had a good amount of buzz following him ever since he proposed to fellow swimmer, Annie Chandler, this past February at the Missouri Grand Prix. Just days before Valentine’s Day this past year, Read More →