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Are you not familiar with what goes into an engagement? Wedding etiquette is one of those unspoken things that no one can surely understand. A lot of the time people turn to the internet to figure out the proper etiquette on how to propose. The number one question that is always asked is, should the man propose or does it not matter? The simple answer is it really doesn’t matter. It is personal preference. A lot of the time the man wants to be the one who proposes because that is how society thinks it should be. It makes a guy feel more manly and in charge if they are the one popping the question. Another question people have is who buys the ring? Do you split the cost or should your parents pay? We have a simple outlook on this. It should be at least three month wages and if that still is cutting the budget close you should split the cost of the ring or wait a little bit longer. It doesn’t just stop at the engagement ring a wedding is one of the most expensive events a person will have! The last question is who pays for the engagement dinner and other events pre-wedding. In this day and age it really is once again personal preference, but technically the brides parents pay for most of the events before the wedding. Read related articles to get more in depth with questions you have regarding the rules of engagement.

Engagement Ring Etiquette after Breakup Engagement ring etiquette can be confusing after a break-up. Normally when a couple breaks up they return the most memorable things to get the significant other out of their head. But what do you do when it is a costly item you can easily pawn off to make some extra cash? Do you pawn it? Is it yours to keep? Do you return it? Usually after an engagement is called off the right things to do is listen to your ex to see if he wants the ring back. Sometimes this can be a hard Read More →

What to do With Engagement Ring After a Breakup Breaking up can be an emotional point in someones life. Being married and then divorced can be a depressing and confusing because who knows what to do with the engagement ring. The engagement ring etiquette if the woman breaks of the engagement or marriage, she is responsible in giving the ring back. If the man initiates the breakup the woman gets to keep the ring. There are many innovative things you can do with your ring. Sell the setting to a pawn shop for the metal. If you want to keep Read More →

Holidays, the time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, are the most popular time for engagements. There are several ways to ask your true love to marry you, but before you pop the engagement question there are also several dos and don’ts that you should consider before proposing. Holiday Engagement: Do’s and Don’ts Do’s It is important that you think carefully about how, where and when you plan to propose. Women vary in how they feel about being asked in front of others and your girlfriend may prefer the moment to be special between the two of you as opposed to Read More →

It’s difficult getting engaged around the holidays. Between all of the family drama and stress of gift shopping, it’s easy to get caught up and forget some of the most common engagement rules. Here are the dos and don’ts of proposing around the holidays. The Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Wedding Proposals Do announce your engagement in front of the group – what better way to spread holiday cheer? Don’t make a big announcement if anyone there is sensitive to the issue of engagement, like an older sister who’s been dying to get engaged herself or a recently divorced relative. Read More →

It is so important to know all you can about engagement rings before and after the proposal. I mean, they are the single most important piece of bridal jewelry there is. So, keep in mind these do’s and don’ts of engagement rings.  Take a look at a few… The Do’s and Don’ts of Engagement Rings Do: Try your best to get a sense of your girlfriend’s taste in jewelry. You’re about to propose to her, so you’re going to want to present a ring to her that she’s actually going to like, right? If you’re clueless as to what jewelry Read More →

Wedding Guest Etiquette 6 Sure Fire Ways a Guest Can Ruin Your Day The day have finally arrived for you to marry the love of your life, so of course your wedding will go off without a hitch, right? Not necessarily. We’ve all heard the horror stories of disruptive, rude, clueless guests – here are some things you need to watch out for. Speak Up During the Ceremony Nobody wants to hear “Are you sure?” or “Don’t do it!” during your wedding ceremony. But, believe it or not, people actually do voice their opinion at the wrong times. Guests should Read More →

THE RULES OF ENGAGMENT The Rules of Engagement Series You’ve finally found her — the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. You’re planning the most romantic proposal around, complete with paparazzi friends to capture that special moment in your relationship. But you know that the most important detail is the diamond engagement ring that you will present her with. Every girl has dreamed of this moment for her entire life, so follow these five tips to ensure you get it right when you pop the question. 1 Get a diamond ring. Diamond engagement rings are Read More →