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It is time for the moment you have planned out since you were a child, the wedding. To people that have previously planned a wedding you know the amount of stress and time you have to dedicate to this event. It isn’t just reciting nuptials to some people. This is like a second job for most women. Finding out the venue and guest list. Deciding if you are going to add DIY touches, etc. can drive a person insane. We want to share stories about the wedding for all of you to use as inspiration for your upcoming wedding! We also have recipes that you can make to add a personal touch to the reception. This category will also give you cute ideas such as throwing flowers opposed to rice when the newly weds make their way out of the ceremony! If you are lost at all or question anything about your wedding we would highly recommend reading a few posts from us!

Planning A Wedding 5 Wedding Day Details You Can’t Forget Source: via EverDream on Pinterest Alright, all of the big parts of the wedding are covered – you’ve got your groom, the cake and the dress, wedding bands for him and her. Don’t forget to check off the little things that are often times overlooked, though. Even the tiniest details can take your wedding from beautiful and memorable, to a flop. 1. Directions The last thing you want is your guests getting lost on the way to the ceremony. Give them a map and directions so that they know Read More →