Celebrity Engagement Ring Trends

Celebrities tend to be trendsetters, especially when it comes to jewelry. From royalty to movie stars, we are fascinated by the engagement rings that dawn the hands of celebs. Here are some popular celebrity engagement ring trends that A-listers are wearing.

Celebrity Engagement Ring Trends


The royal family is known for using colored gemstones in their engagement rings rather than using the typical diamond solitaires. The gorgeous new wife of Prince William, Kate Middleton, was proposed to with Princess Diana‘s famous engagement ring, which featured an oval sapphire surrounded by diamonds. This stunning and unique ring is the object of many new engagement ring trends.


Who can forget the huge pink diamond on Jennifer Lopez’s hand that she received from her former beau, Ben Affleck? Sure, that relationship didn’t last, but that style has remained popular to this day.


Sometimes it’s hard to get creative when it comes to engagement rings, so if you’re drawing a blank on an engagement ring style, just go BIG. Khloe Kardashian Odom was given a 12.5-carat diamond ring – don’t you think your arm would start feeling tired hauling that rock around?


Jessica Simpson’s red ruby and diamond engagement ring with a yellow gold setting made headlines because of its vintage style. This ring is the complete opposite of the modern ring that she received in her first marriage with Nick Lachey.  

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