Celebrity Engagement Rings

Every day a new celebrity couple is getting engaged. In recent years, dozens of notable public figures have donned gorgeous engagement rings. As you contemplate what style of ring you may or may not want, perhaps you’ll find inspiration in seeing what these celebs sported! Here’s some recent…

Celebrity Engagement Rings

 Kim Kardashian, engagement ring

[ Kim Kardashian Photo Credit: E Online]

Kim Kardashian debuted her 20.5 karat engagement ring on the cover of People Magazine. After the $18 million grossing wedding between her and Kris Humphries and the separation basically just minutes later (in actuality it was 72 days), the couple’s divorce is said to be finalized before the end of 2012.

In recent reports from the Huffington Post, basketball player Kris Humphries asked Kardashian for the 4 ounce, 20.5 karat ring back—an engagement ring that was said to cost over $2 million. According to professional appraisers, the prized engagement ring on resale will go for “considerably less.”

Recently engaged to actor Liam Hemsworth, Singer and actress Miley Cyrus is sporting a beautifully designed engagement ring. Liam Hemsworth paired up with celebrity jewelry designer Neil Lane to create this 3.5 karat ring.

Miley Cirus

[Miley Cyrus Photo Credit: People]

Handmade and set in 18 karat gold, the antique looking ring is perfectly ‘garnished with diamond floral patterns.’

Celebrity jewelry designer Neil Lane commented on the antique center stone in the ring: “It was hand-cut around 1880 or 1890 and it’s unique and in its original form,” Lane said. “At that time no two diamonds were alike, as they were all hand-cut, so it’s fascinating to look at because it hasn’t been re-cut to look contemporary over the years. I find that really romantic.”

The ring was reported to cost $100,000. Due to the age of the diamond and the unusual nature of the setting, the ring shouldn’t lose more than 10-20% upon resale.

Hot celebrity couple Brangelina, or Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, are planning a wedding in the near future with announcements of a recent engagement. The alleged $500,000 engagement ring, designed by jeweler Robert Procop in collaboration with Brad Pitt took over a year to design. Pitt mentioned in a number of interviews that he wanted every detail of the ring to be perfect.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie engaged

[Angelina Jolie Source: Daily Mail UK]

In an article featured in US Magazine: “According to jewelry expert Michael O’Connor, Jolie’s engagement ring boasts a 7-carat center emerald-cut diamond with another 9 carats of tapering emerald-cut diamonds around the platinum band.”

Many jewelry experts are speculating that this ring would resell for well over $1 million if auctioned or sold based solely on the fame of the couple and considering the possible scenarios.

Since the average individual buying an engagement ring isn’t dealing with diamond karats in the double digits nor are they brokering 6 and seven digit price tags, these rings, however gorgeous, are difficult to compare to the common diamond marketplace.

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