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In today’s world, it is obsessively overrun by social media and technological advances that it can sometimes be hard to keep up with let alone get rid of. Stealing several hours at the office without having the distraction of Instagram or Facebook is hard enough, but what about when it comes to special events? With all of the technological growth that is happening every single day, no one has really laid down the rules when it comes to phone etiquette during weddings. You may have an Instagram obsessed best friend that posts every single thing that happens to her, but do you really want going on during your wedding? Honestly I wouldn’t. There is no shame in wanting a cell-phone free wedding, but how can a bride in today’s social media run world enforce a no cellphone policy without taking away part of the fun? We have come up with the best ways to keep the guests off social media, or at least until after the wedding.

UnpluggedOther then the common text here and there, most people have been raised not to sit on your phone during a event. Whether its dinner, or church, or a ceremony, sitting on your cell phone during an event is plain just rude. Unless you receive a call about a family emergency or urgent business, there is no reason why it cant wait. No one wants to be that person who’s cell phone goes off and then ruins it for everyone else. Keeping  this in mind, try to create an atmosphere that encourages face-to-face interaction and playfully discourages cellphone usage.


Things to consider when trying to create a non-tech atmosphere would be to have ceremony emcee, minister, or the DJ to kindly discourage social media posts, or add a line in your program which gently encourages guests to turn off their devices for the duration of your ceremony. This will ensure that your ceremony will remain private as well as intimate. We by all means are not discouraging any posts onto social media at all, but when the bride is walking down the aisle no one wants to see a bunch of cell phones in the air.

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If you are like me who would prefer a more exclusive method for separating your wedding guests with their devices, try providing a cell phone station near the coat drop off. This way your guests will be able to safely and securely store their mobiles without the fear of breaking the rules. You can make it cute with quirky sayings such as “Call it a Day” or “Hold it right there” just so they don’t feel completely compelled to hand over their precious cell phone. It wont be a complete loss if a guest sneaks a selfie or two, but remember that at the end of the day its all about you and your man. Try not to stress over the cell phone rule, it will all work out in the end. But keep it in mind for attending weddings as well.

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