Check Please? Managing Your Budget

Long gone are the days when the families of the bride and groom would shell out the checkbooks and split wedding expenses old school according to the traditional plan. Today, there are many financial obligations for the big wedding and when it comes to splitting the bill there is no one option considered more appropriate than any other. Many scenarios differ from couple to couple, with different priorities or financial capabilities this mandates a less traditional method of financing their wedding. Whether your on a tight budget with a small venue in mind, or endless funds with numerous possibilities, choose whichever economical plan is appropriate for you and your family.

If the Brides Parent’s Pay of the Wedding: Although this is an incredibly generous gift that should be greatly appreciated, there may be some things you want to consider first. In many cases when someone besides the bride or groom ends up paying for the wedding, it is important to determine right from the start if the money for the wedding is a gift, or if it comes with strings attached. This unfortunately happens all the time, if the happy couple does has the funding coming from the soon to be in-laws, they most likely will have their own set of priorities. Whether its having control over the guest list, number of guests, the venue, catering service, or music, just the whole planning process itself can get taken over before you even realize. This can put all of the dreams you have ever had about your wedding come to a sketching halt. “Since I am paying for this wedding, I get to make all the final decisions.” This is a reoccurring line that parents like to preach if they are shelling out the big bucks for your big day. If you do plan on having help from your parents with the wedding funds, just be sure to be very clear that this is your big day, not theirs. Parents paying for the entire wedding should absolutely have a say in major details as well as be able to invite a few of their friends – while keeping in mind of the bride and grooms wishes. Hopefully you remember to be appreciative of their parents’ generosity and recognize that they should negotiate their vision for the wedding together with their parents.

If the Bride & Grooms Parents Split 50/50: If you find yourself in the situation of fairly dividing the wedding costs among the parents, keep in mind this arrangement requires the most negotiation and planning. When setting up a plan, be sure to set a budget and try as hard as possible to stick to it! If the expenses are properly split evenly without any alterations, this will set you up for a successful wedding budget. However, this is not exactly how it always goes, many times the parents of both the bride and the groom will have different priorities for the event. The smart way to go about making everyone happy is to sit down with both parties and discuss your vision and theirs. This way you can come up with a wedding plan that everyone is happy with.

If the Grooms Parent’s Pay for the Wedding: One of the most common arrangements today is that of the grooms parents end up paying for most of the wedding. This scenario  basically runs the same as if the brides parent’s were to pay. The only issue that gets to be a bit touchy is whether the grooms parents pay for the brides gown. In this case it is important to include both the bride of the mother as well as the grooms mother when picking out the gown.Whichever arrangement you choose to go with, whoever pays for the big day shouldn’t hold it over your head but look at it as rather an early wedding gift.

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