Check This Out: Romantic German Proposal at University Festival

Check This Out: Romantic German Proposal at University Festival

Beautiful Wedding Proposal in Germany

“After 12 years together, it was time to make my proposal, for us both it was obvious that it was going to happen at some point, we always talked about getting married and about the wedding, but time was passing… I always wanted to make something different and big… in a famous location, with flash mob, music, something like that. But I realized that it would be almost impossible to organize something like this without her knowing, and seeing proposals in famous places (monuments, big cities, centers, etc.) I always saw that some problems happen, and I haven’t seen one that was “perfect”… a lot of things could go wrong: from an unaware tourist that passes by and ruins everything to the police or local security not allowing something at the last minute. In November last year I had the idea: make the proposal during the summer festival of the University where I teach, the Hochschule Harz, in Wernigerode – Germany, since it’s 350 Km away from Wiesbaden (where we live) and I spend 3 days a week there, it would make it much easier to organize everything there without her knowing. I talked to the organizers of the event and they were totally ok with it and very supportive. After that, I started elaborating the idea and looking for the needed resources: 1 – Music was a must have! So I needed someone that could play the piano and sing with me… I found a student that sings perfectly and plays the piano very well… talked to her and she was on board. So I chose the song Wouldn’t it be Nice from the Beach Boys, which was one of “our songs”, and we both love it so much.

2 – I wanted some choreography, dance… in the University, the students have sports groups and dance groups (like hip-hop, Zumba, etc.) and one of the instructors is my student. I asked her and she was very excited about it, so I went to one of her classes and explained the idea to the girls of that group, they all wanted to participate, in total we had 25 dancers, and we had to limit the final number, otherwise there wouldn’t be enough space for all that wanted to participate!

3 – I needed a lot of people for make the heart shape form on the ground, help with the video, pop the confetti poppers and so on: for that, I started talking about the whole plan in some of my classes and lots of students wanted to participate… at the end, there were more than 120 people just to help with everything… that turned into about 400 people at the time of the proposal What almost ruined everything was a huge thunderstorm that happened about 20 minutes before the proposal (you can see that the grass field looks quite muddy, and the girls are dancing without any shoes, because they couldn’t dance with shoes anymore due to the mud) which made about 2 thousand people leave the festival and go home… the ones that stayed only did because they knew what was going to happen (around 500 people) So, after months of preparation and rehearsals (the making of video shows some of that), I took Aline to the festival and everything happened:

We started our relationship in December 2001, when we were still living in Porto Alegre, Brazil, back there we did not live together, we were just students and working… in 2006, Aline came to Germany to spend 1 year as an au pair, we always thought about coming to Germany to study and start our careers, but when Aline was almost going back to Brazil, I was accepted at a University to continue my studies and moved here… so when I finished unpacking, she started packing to go back to Brazil. She finished her studies back in Brazil and finally, in 2010, she came for good (in total we spent 5 years with this long distance relationship) to Germany, so we started living together. Since then we are living here, we finished our masters, and we are working and living the life… and now, also planning the wedding, that is supposed to happen in 2016. What we also like to do is to travel, and, since we knew we were going to travel a lot in our life, we had the idea of taking a photo kissing in every new city we go… so far we have 78 cities in 13 different countries.”

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Written by: Luis Octávio Noschang

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