Common Myths About Engagement Ring Shopping

Purchasing an engagement ring isn’t something you should take lightly. It’s a large investment, so you should take your time deciding what type of engagement ring is right for your girlfriend, and make sure you are making an educated decision. To clear up any confusion, here are some common engagement rings myths that you can go ahead and forget about to make your shopping a bit easier.

Common Myths About Engagement Ring Shopping

Engagement rings should cost the equivalent of 2 month’s salary or more. An engagement ring shouldn’t empty out your wallet. Set a budget for yourself and stick with it. The ring you buy should cost as much as you are comfortable with.

Diamond rings are expensive.  There are many different ways you can create an affordable engagement ring. Rather than going with one large diamond, you can choose a ring that has of several smaller diamonds. Your jeweler can advise you as to what your options are if you’re trying to stick to a budget.

There’s only one standard type of ring.  There are so many different types of rings, it’s impossible to even number them all. You can even choose to create your own custom ring – it will truly be one of a kind.

The bigger, the better.  Size shouldn’t be a huge factor – every ring is unique a beautiful, despite it’s size. Many people would actually rather have multiple stones instead of one huge stone. Plus, who cares about size when there are other factors such as clarity, cut and color. A smaller stone with better clarity and color is worth much more than a large stone with poor clarity and color. Yellow gold rings are out of style. Sure, white gold and platinum have become pretty popular, but if you prefer yellow gold then go for it! Gold will always be trendy.

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