Creative Engagement Ring Selfie How to’s

He did it! He proposed! Just like in the movies, romantic, down on one knee, the whole shebang! To be completely honest, most of us spend way to much time on social media, meaning the engagement announcement photo must be flawless as that rock placed on your left hand. Here is your complete guide to ensure the best engagement ring selfie for all the world to see!

Location, Location, Location!



When looking for the best place to take your photo, remember to pick a place with amazing lighting and color. If your ring is a clear in color, place it in an outdoor setting, such as the beach, the backyard, or even in the woods. If he popped the question in a special place to your heart, let the world know! I find that placing the ring on your hand, with the ring in focus and the backdrop out of focus makes for the perfect photo of your engagement!

Gone to the Dogs



If you are a dog lover like myself, who has millions of selfies with my canine, I would suggest incorporating your best friend into your engagement photos. After all, they apart of the family too right? The pawfect picture is best when outside with natural lighting, and a beautiful setting. Worried about the pose? Try getting your pup a couple of treats to get his attention during the shoot, and remember to have fun with it!

Fairytale Kiss



Remember those famous Disney kisses at the end of each and every movie? Well here is your chance to make it your own. Mix it up by getting some lip on lip action with your new fiancé and showing off your bling. By placing your hand out in front, have the photo focused on your hand, have your make out session out of focus in the background. A cute little saying “I said Yes!” can be written on the top of your hand, to insure the world that he is your man!

Pinky Promise?



Is your ring the only thing on your mind? Go ahead and get up close and personal. Create an intimate photo of your hands locked, have the ring in focus, this shows off your love through simplicity.  Make it a timeless classic by having him kiss your forehead or place your hands behind his neck. Maybe edit the photo to be in black and white, play around with placement, but remember the perfect lighting is always outside!

The Classic Down on One Knee


Finally we have the “live action” photo. This always gets right to the point and shows the world, where, when, and most important your reaction! Sharing this moment with your loved ones will ensure shock as well as jealousy! You will not only be his princess, but the bell of the ball!

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