How To: Cut the Cost for your Wedding

How To: Cut the Cost for your Wedding

How to Cut Cost for the Wedding

Lets get one thing straight, weddings are expensive. There is nothing you can do, no matter what you do there is going to be some type of cost in that special day. First things first, cut the guest list down. Most wedding venues make you pay per guest. For example you can be charged by “plate”. The prices can go up as high as $150 per plate! Outrageous! So try and keep it to a minimal amount. There are certain things to keep in mind when cutting down the list, would this person invite you to their wedding? Has your fiancé ever met this person? Do you get along outside of work, and most importantly have you talked to this person in the past year? If the answer is yes to all these questions then go ahead and put them on the list!


This is quite the no-no. Although saturdays are the most perfect day ever, this also means a hiked up price. Everyone and their mother wants a saturday wedding, so its the theory of finance, when things are in high demand, more people will pay for the supply. Think of a sunday brunch-time wedding or a sunday night. This is going to be the lowest cost for you!

Outside Venue Maybe?

Weather can be an issue, especially when planning your wedding a year in advanced. But if you are a risk taker and do your RESEARCH for weather history an outside venue is the way to go. You can save tons on decorations because you will be in a gorgeous environment! There will be beautiful trees, flowers, fountains, etc. Sometimes the venue price will be less expensive only because a lot of people don’t want to take the risk of getting married outdoors.


First of all, pick one specific flower, or as few as you can. This will keep the price down low which is what we want! Also know which flowers are in season. If you choose a flower that needs to be imported and put in a fridge you probably are going to be spending a fortune. Keep it simple, your guests will not notice! You can look up which flowers are in season anywhere on the internet…DO YOUR RESEARCH!

Hire Students

Music students are the most underrated musicians. Hire them for the day and I promise you the costs will be low, low, low. A full violin string quartet played by students while you are walking down the aisle is so beautiful and wouldn’t it make you feel better when its half the price?

Whatever you choose for your wedding we hope its beautiful! Engagement Ring Gurus is always here to give you the facts and advice you need for your perfect day! If you have to splurge, splurge. If you need to save, save! Just know we are your number one source for jewelry, wedding and fashion advice!

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