De Beers Releases One of the Most Efficient Bridal Apps

De Beers Releases One of the Most Efficient Bridal Apps 

De Beers Most Efficient Bridal App

Da Beers, a reputable jewelry company recently released one of the most influential bridal applications. The overall goal is to make it easier and more attainable for customers to design their own bridal jewelry just by a touch on their iPhone/iPad. De Beers says the app “helps you to discover the perfect diamond jewellery for the most important moment in your life.”

You can match a wedding band to an engagement ring, which we all know is a grueling task in person! You can also start from scratch and design your very own eternity band ring! You can pick the diamond color and clarity, the shape of the diamond. You are becoming a virtual employee of De Beers and designing your very own sparkler!

Besides designing your very own engagement ring or wedding band you can get more aquatinted with diamonds by watch educational videos. Some of the videos go behind the scenes of diamond selection, design and craftsmanship. There is also a section where you can explore the bridal collection De Beers has to offer.

One of the downfalls we have noticed from this app though is that is takes over 100 MB of memory which could be a problem for those of you who only have 16 GB devices. It also takes a chunk of time to download. Because of the high memory the app contains you must be connected to wifi for the download.

It doesn’t hurt to give this app a try! After the long wait of the download we haven’t been able to put our phone down! This is such a futuristic tool that makes bridal jewelry shopping easy and fun!

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