Is De Beers Having Trouble with Forevermark?

Is De Beers Having Trouble with Forevermark?

Forevermark Diamond Marketing Campaign

The answer is no, but De Beers does have some big plans for its brand Forevermark. We all know the catch phrase “the center of my universe” campaign, but do we really know the background on Forevermark diamonds?

De Beers Company CEO, Philippe Mellier made a rare appearance during Las Vegas jewelry week to discuss future plans for Forevermark. “There is a demand for branded diamonds and discerning customers are looking for the very best with the name of De Beers behind it to certify that they are the shiniest, the best and what is very, very important is that they are responsibly sourced,” Mellier said.


Forevermark is unique from other jewelry companies in the sense that all diamonds are from one of the 9 mines De Beers owns. Another great feature is these sparklers are inscribed with the Forevermark icon that measures an approximate 1/5000th in depth of a human hair. All diamonds are at least over half a carat and carefully inspected for perfection.

In 2008 Forevermark first opened in Hong Kong and Japan. Now Mellier was proud to announce there are over 1300 retail stores in 29 countries. In 2011 the company opened its doors to the United States and now can be seen in over 400 stores! The company just celebrated its millionth diamond inscription.

During the Las Vegas jewelry show Mellier announced new marketing campaign “promise”. Forevermark is looking for more than just a simple bridal campaign, which is strange because De Beers Company once accounted for 80% of the worlds bridal jewelry market. Mellier said that the new campaign will still focus on the romance and emotions that were exhibited in previous advertisements, but now the company wants to incorporate birthdays, anniversary, and other milestone events that happen during a relationship.

Solitaire Forevermark Diamond Engagement Ring

“Each Forevermark diamond comes inscribed with a promise: that it is beautiful, rare and responsibly sourced. Forevermark is collaborating with some of the world’s leading artists, designers and celebrities to inspire and create their own visions of what it means to make a promise – and why it is so powerful.”

Forevermark Diamond Engagement Ring

The new campaign features Waris Ahluwalia a successful jewelry designer, better known for starring in Wes Anderson films. Forevermark also has partnered with 30 diamond manufacturers for the incoming product line. Currently, Forevermark is looking for more partnerships and plans on releasing all advertisements in September of this year.

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