Dead to Diamond: Turn your Loved One into a Diamond

Laboratory Made Human Diamond

Laboratory Made Human Diamond


Want to mourn your loved one, but don’t want to continuously go to an eery grave sight? What if there was a way to keep a family tradition alive by turning your deceased into a diamond? There are various websites like DNA2Diamonds.Com or LifeGem.Com that can scientifically transform your beloved into a diamond. These websites are dedicated to giving you a unique way to remember the departed. The process of creating a human or pet diamond seems like a nonsensical and fantasized development, but in reality the creation of a human or animal diamond is quite simple. These stones are molecularly identical to a real diamond. They have the same hardness and still have a variation of color and clarity.

The only difference between a real diamond and a lab created diamond is the fact it is manually created. There are four major steps that go into developing a diamond. The first is the collection of material. You can either use ash from the non-living or a great amount of hair. If you did decide to use the cremation technique LifeGem has a facility where they will take the appropriate steps to cremate your loved one. After the cremation process is done, capturing the carbon begins. Patented technology works with high nitrogen and low oxygen levels to create a unique atmosphere a substance needs to convert to carbon.

The following step is the purification stage. The carbon must now be converted into graphite. The way these trained professionals convert these substances is they use a cylinder shaped jar known as a crucible. The crucible is inscribed with unique numbers that distinguish the person who is being transformed. The crucible is then baked in up to 8000 degrees. Once this high heat process is done the crucible is never used again on another individual.

The third step is the creation process. This is where the replication of a diamond occurs. There is so much heat and so much pressure done that it mocks the process of what the core of earth goes through to crystallize a diamond. The pressure exceeds 1,000,000 p.s.i. The process causes breakdowns that turn the graphite into atoms which then converts to crystallized rough diamonds. The carbon molecules are basically being forced to bond together which creates this amazing diamond.

The fourth step is, of course making sure your diamond is unique and graded properly. LifeGem sends out all their diamonds that are 0.25 Carats and above to the world renown GIA facility to have all of its characteristics examined.

This is a very pricey thing to do with the deceased, but think about the lifetime journey you can share with your pet, or person. You can pass these stones down for generations, because just like authentic diamonds made from the earths core, lab created diamonds are just as timeless.

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